Microsoft announces new OneNote update, intros a major redesign across all platforms

Microsoft announces new OneNote update, intros a major redesign across all platforms

Microsoft has announced a new update for its note-taking app OneNote, recently. The update is expected to redesign the app on every platform it is available on. OneNote has seen several notable updates in the past including support for YouTube, Vimeo, and Sway. The previous update allowed users to import and view videos right within their notebooks.

In a blog post published, Microsoft said its newest OneNote update was for Windows 10, Mac, iOS, Android, as well as on the web. These features are expected to be released in the next few weeks. The new design has simpler navigation and a few changes for those with disabilities. This update comes on the heels of the very recent Build 2017 developer conference, which concluded just few weeks before.

The three main areas this update focuses on are — enhanced usability for those who use assistive technologies, simpler navigation, and consistency across all devices.

When it comes to the enhanced usability for everyone, OneNote has made the app friendlier towards those with vision and mobility impairments. The key areas it has done this in are keyboard shortcuts and the screen reader experience. The update has simplified navigation by placing all navigation controls in one area on the left of the app. This allows for easy switching between notes as well as improves the new usability with assistive technologies.

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Lastly, the new update gives users a cohesive experience across the different screens they use, making it easy for them to jump from one device to the next. Microsoft has gone to great lengths to increase the visual and functional consistency of the app on different screens, therefore reducing friction in movement. This is especially useful to students now who can easily switch between devices used at school and at home.

While this seems like something users could take for granted, it is important to remember that for the OneNote experience to be flawless and smooth, Microsoft has to work with different operating systems, different display sizes, as well as touch-enabled and non-touch enabled screens. This update is expected to be officially released in the coming weeks.

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