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Microsoft is finally set to ship the next generation of its desktop operating system to its users. Named Creators Update, the free update will be seen rolling out globally on April 11, 2017. Today, in an exclusive preview, Microsoft showed the new features and enhancements that the next upgrade called Creators Update will come up with. The update brings along it several changes to make your web browsing and gaming experiences better.                              

The company also stated that currently around the world, Windows 10 is running on more than 400 million monthly active devices. Here are the new features coming with Windows 10 Creators Update. 

Microsoft Edge browser making browsing Simpler

This feature of the Creators Update is its tab management features designed to eliminate the scattered of the web and the fear of losing tabs. Microsoft says, ‘Windows users spend over 50% of their time on the web, but can be derailed by the burdening task of having to filter through countless search results, sites, and the sheer volume of unfamiliar content online.

The revamped tab management allow to preview at a glance, the visual thumbnails of all your currently open tabs, and set a group of these tabs aside instantly. The update will also bring more extensions to the browser, adding new functionality to it.

New Night Light reduces the blue light emitted by screen

Night Light feature is one of the best features that can help you sleep better. With this option, you can reduce the blue light emitted by your screen so when you’re working late your brain is ready to power down for a good night’s sleep. 

You can apply Night light, by simply going to Settings > System > Display. Here you can stimulate the color temperature ranges, schedule particular hours for Night light to be on, previewing the setting changes before applying it. 

Gamers will find a lot to like in the Creators Update

With coming of Creators Update the users’ will experience revamped gaming. This includes auto-mode app controlling, which returns the resources allocated to background tasks once you need more power to execute. Gaming now has a dedicated area in Windows System Settings.                         

Now you can keep record of your game on Windows 10 and Xbox One and broadcast it with the new Beam broadcasting technology. You can start Beam broadcasts on Windows 10 PCs by pulling up the Game bar — Windows key + G.

The Game Mode gets optimize to ensure steady gaming experience on your Windows 10 PC. As per the requirements, this platform feature dedicates more graphics and processor resources to your PC games

 Troubleshooting becomes simplified and easy

One of the top difficult side of computing and web browsing is their fixing issues with your system without requiring any external support. Creators update facelifts the Settings menu by revamping the troubleshooting features. The update brings features that without getting into the complexity, gives you a simplified listing of issues and ways to fix them. Over 50% of issues that Windows users face are because of the lack of basics they know and how to fix them, says Microsoft. 

Cortana has now become little more updated and intelligent

With Creators Update, the digital assistant from Microsoft gets some more helpful features. Cortana can now understand questions such as ‘How much memory do I have in my PC?” The assistant can do things better that also includes notifying you about the deadlines and helping you catch up where you last left off with recent documents and apps. 
Cortana can suggest you reminders based on the email, support for Outlook and Office 365 accounts. When you lock your computer and login again within 30 minutes, Cortana will notify you about your most recent documents used and Edge browser history from your previous work sessions. 

With Creators Update Bring your ideas to 3D life

Now you can experience and create things in three-dimensions using an environment of 3D apps built into your Windows 10 device. The new Paint 3D app installed inside the Paint app makes it easy to modify or create 3D objects. You can now change color and texture, or turn 2D images into 3D objects and then share them on Remix3D or print in 3D. 
Personalize your PC using New theme support

The latest Update has new options to customize the looks of your Windows 10 devices. The Personalization section under the Settings app allows you choose the entire color spectrum and not the predefined options only. So, when you pick a color combination that is not good looking or readable, Windows will give warning you before you final the selection.    

New privacy settings, parental control, high Security, and more

The latest Update will offer some facilities to help you easily managing your privacy settings with Windows and other Microsoft services. These improvements includes a new Microsoft privacy dashboard, as well as changes to how Windows 10 privacy settings are designed and featured. 

This new update introduces Windows Defender Security Center, making it is easier for you to view and manage the security protections you opt. The new Family options have enhanced parental control features like screen time habits, activity reports of your kids’ online activity and more.                                                                 

The company also showed us the new features of Creators Update aimed at organizations that includes the new dashboard for IT managers for easily managing the connected devices in the network.

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