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Designers test out a new assistant in Hong Kong.

In the highlight were more than 80 ensembles from 14 different designers, all of which were made using the artificial intelligence programme AiDA.

How to Send Your Face Back in Time Using MyHeritage's "AI Time Machine."

MyHeritage's AI Time Machine, which creates realistic images of what you might have looked like in other eras, became well-known because to a TikTok fad.

Nvidia and Microsoft are collaborating to create a "massive" cloud AI computer

Nvidia stated that it will collaborate with Microsoft to create AI models in addition to providing the processors to the software and cloud juggernaut.

Robots Being Taught to Laugh at Human Jokes by the Reseachers

The researchers have been teaching these robots how to laugh at human jokes. The AI model has been teaching the robots regarding appropriate laughter.

With Surprising Accuracy an AI could Decode Speech from Brain Activity

An artificial intelligence would decode words and sentences from brain activity with a surprise however it has still restricted the accuracy.

AR Rahman Learned AI at MIT in Order to Know the Use of it in Music

Rahman has registered for a course on AI at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for understanding the latest technology and use of AI in music.

User's Secret Account have been Figured Out by the Hackers

Hacker have search out the account names related to certain email addresses and phone numbers and had managed to exploit the flaw, as confirmed by Twitter.