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China Denies Requesting Foreign Data From Companies As TikTok Controversy Grows

China insisted Friday it does not ask companies to hand over data gathered overseas, as the Chinese-owned TikTok faces mounting calls for a ban in the United St

Perseverance rover captures stunning images of Mars's floating morning clouds

NASA's Perseverance rover took a brief break from its Mars life hunt on March 18 to capture stunning shots of drifting predawn clouds on the Red Planet.

TikTok is prohibited by the UK Parliament because to security concerns

TikTok ban: A spokesperson of Downing Street said that the app, which is used by several British MPs, will also be prohibited on devices issued to staff.

Apple MacBook Air with OLED Display to Launch in Early 2024, Reportedly

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the tech giant intends to sell a laptop with an OLED display since OLEDs are smaller, lighter, and foldable.