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It has been less than a year since Google first provided a glimpse into its vision for cloud computing. If there is any company that should be paid attention to in this area, it's Google. Special attention should occur when the chairman of Google's parent company, Alphabet, claims that the next five years will hold even more innovation than the previous five years when it comes to cloud computing. Looking back at the last five years, that is quite the statement.


The biggest part of the keynote address focused on machine learning. This gives us a good idea of where cloud computing in general wil go. Google has since proven just how serious it is about machine learning with the news being filled with buzz about DeepMind.


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Looking at the keynote address we can surmise that machine learning will be a regular part of our lives within the next five years. According to Google, their machine learning software could work in something like an API in the figure. Developers will be able to plug-in to the software and focus on creating.


The end goal is that machines will be able to parse through the millions of terabytes of data that humankind collects every day and be able to identify and make accurate predictions in millions of industries. Imagine if a machine could predict exactly what diseases you were likely to have and tell you at birth. Doctors could catch life-threatening conditions significantly earlier and stand a much better chance of winning.



Currently, there are obviously some big limits to the potential of cloud computing, specifically in regards to machine learning. Currently there still security issues that companies with a lot of private data would like to work out. There are also compatibility issues with thousands of different cloud-based software solutions trying to use the same data. There will also be increased fixes to compatibility issues as machines learn to work together without developers spending hours to make it happen.


Another big future of cloud computing will be the money it has the potential to save big businesses. As data and computing begins to take place in the cloud companies will save thousands of dollars by focusing most of their business in the cloud.


It will be interesting to continue to watch the bit data and cloud computing industries grow together. As they do so, they will likely create even more problems that need to be solved. This will, in turn, create more industries and niches that focus on solving these problems.


One thing for sure, the future of cloud computing is an exciting one.

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