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Deploy Your Desktop Application On The Cloud: Use Cloud VDI and App Hosting

Deploy Your Desktop Application On The Cloud using virtual desktop hosting solution. Cloud VDI & Application virtualization is the need of the hour.

Challenges faced by technologists while performing the cloud migration process

Technologists need to adopt the tools and the strategies that may successfully encounter the ever-changing trends and propose the methodologies.

How cloud can save you during this pandemic?

The whole world is suffering pandemic and you should know that most of the countries have gone through a vast phase of recovery in order to deal with the nation


Each site needs a hosting service to get visible on the web. There basically is not any other way that a site can exist online without the web server that hosts

OTT Services And How To Meet The Evolving Customer Expectations With OWNZONES

The way we consume video content has changed drastically and OTT streaming services have become our first option of choice. Competition among OTT providers is fierce and they are turning to future-proof edtech such as OWNZONES to stay in the game.

How to Change Your Business Approach Using DevOps

This article provides you with a brief on how DevOps can be utilised to change the way we look at our business and how it can be optimized to yield better results, bringing in great value.

How VMware helps Businesses Deliver Faster Services

As VMware is becoming more popular in providing virtualization and cloud computing services, many businesses are adopting it . This article discusses about how VMware enhances business performance while providing services through cloud.

How the cloud is changing the world around us

We have all seen the emerging trend with many Corporates and enterprises of moving from an on-site presence to a public cloud configuration.

The Importance and Advantage of Keeping Your Important Files On The Cloud

In this digital world, even your most important documents will still be digitized. The safest location for them is on an encrypted cloud. Here is why.