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Before And After Training For Best Results

As for your workout routine, the time you spend sweating in the gym tends to gain all the glory - but it shouldn't. If you know what to do before training and

Feel the Nervousness and Do It Anyway

You’re mustering up the courage to ask a girl out. You’ve got an interview for your dream job. You have to tell your husband you dented the car (again). You’

Health & Fitness: Tips For Staying Motivated

Begin your fitness journey bearing in mind that there will be concise setbacks when you do not feel like exercising. Be prepared for these 'slips' with these strategies to pick up where you left off.

Hydration In Fitness: An Insight

Hydration is factorial to achieving success in your workout session. This is not just because it helps our body’s physical system to work better, but also because the human brain cannot function well within a system that does not meet the standards

The Importance Of Rest And Recovery After Workout

Unlike the general meaning of rest, rest in workouts is a bit more complicated a concept, and something which just cannot be ignored. In the workout world, there are two types of rest; rest during workout and rest after workout.

Understanding Calories For Better Health

Calorie is actually the measure of energy stored within food or drink. Our bodies need energy to perform its daily functions like working, walking, cleaning and even breathing.

First Day at The Gym for Newbies!

Finally you did it! You have become a member at the gym. Almost everyone was a bit bewildered when they first entered the gym. Wondering where to st

Nova Fitness Center for Women to Live Healthy

If you are a beginner who is willing to take things slow then a good trainer will let you tone your body as per your comfort by slowly taking you through the process of physical wellness.