The Importance Of Rest And Recovery After Workout

The Importance Of Rest And Recovery After Workout

Unlike the general meaning of rest, rest in workouts is a bit more complicated a concept, and something which just cannot be ignored. In the workout world, there are two types of rest; rest during workout and rest after workout. People who frequent gyms regularly are mostly familiar with and take rest during workout. But they may not necessarily pay attention to rest after workout.

Rest during workouts:

During the course of workouts, our body needs to rest between reps or sets for intervals ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on the type of exercise you do. When its endurance training, you need to take rest for shorter periods of time, and longer rest durations during strength training. Resting for little intervals during strength or endurance training allows the body to recuperate from a session of intense activity, and readies it for the next rep. if you don’t rest between reps and keep doing high intensity workouts without pause, you may injure yourself.

Rest after workouts: Days off

The most overlooked, and perhaps the most important rest for a regular fitness enthusiast is taking breaks after the complete workouts. Muscle groups need 48 to 72 hours to recuperate and repair themselves properly after strength training workouts, depending on the intensity of the workout. Usually fitness professionals in Dubai will focus on a particular muscle group in one day, such as arms, or legs; this is because they work on each muscle group turn by turn, while giving rest to others. In case you are strength training your entire body, you absolutely have to take the next day off.

Adequate sleep

Sleeping is one of the best ways to repair the body after an intense workout session. The body shuts down for sleep, at which time it gets the opportunity to focus on healing and recuperating.

Never ignore rest

Continuous training, without stopping for rest is extremely dangerous, as the body will keep burning energy without recuperating, ultimately tiring itself. This will lead to injury and serious underperformance. You may even lose motivation due to being tired all the time.

The better way is to keep working out with proper rest time, diet and a little patience.

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