Custom pillow boxes

Custom pillow boxes are most commonly used in the cosmetics or baking industry. Most firms will make your custom pillow boxes in any shape, size, dimension, and materials. Furthermore, your pillow boxes cost can range to a big degree. The reason for this is that certain materials are much more expensive than others. Moreover, the same is the case with printing methods and other add-on options that beautify your pillow boxes.

Use eco-friendly pillow boxes

You can also opt to use eco-friendly boxes.

Boxes made from recycled materials

These boxes are considerably cheaper than other pillow boxes. But, its quality is relatively lower than the normal boxes. Usually, people tend to use coatings to make up for its lower quality and it does improve these boxes considerably.

Recyclable boxes

These boxes are made from the highest quality materials that are available. That is why these boxes are a little bit more expensive. But they are worth it because they produce more packaging and other products upon recycling.

Biodegradable boxes

These boxes are broken down in the presence of bacteria and sunlight. They also produce nitrogen upon degrading and other compounds that provide nutrition to the soil. You can also opt for water-soluble boxes. that doesn’t cause any harm upon being dissolved in water bodies.

Other forms of eco-friendly packaging

Plants such as hemp can be used to produce packaging. Which naturally makes them easily bio-degradable. Furthermore, there are environmentally friendly inks. Which are produced from fruits, vegetables, and insect shells? These inks are easily soluble in the presence of water.

Use different coatings to beautify your custom pillow packaging

You can obtain a variety of coatings. Almost all firms provide this option. The most commonly used coatings are as followed:


This coating provides a smooth surface feel and an elegant finish.

Spot UV:

This coating provides a unique shine to your pillow boxes. Furthermore, it also provides protection against the forces of nature such as dust and humidity.


As the name suggests this coating provides a glossy finish to your custom pillow boxes. Furthermore, it also provides protective properties to your packaging.

Embossed and Debossed printing

This form of printing is relatively unique in pillow boxes. Basically, this form is printing is the creation of prints on the surface of your packaging by pressing plates into them. This creates a permanent raising or depressing of the surface based on your requirements.

You can have foiling done on your debossed or embossed surface as well. This provides beauty to your packaging. Most firms will provide you with many color options.

Request prototypes

Most firms will make a prototype for your packaging on request. This is useful while making risky designs or when ordering in bulk. These prototypes can be obtained in 3D and 2D forms. Furthermore, these prototypes will accurately represent your designs.