It’s inevitable that you’ll have to buy new clothes throughout your lifetime, but with so many style trends coming and going how do you know you’re buying the right items? Clothes buying can be complicated as there are so many factors to consider- Your body type, your fit, the style, the occasion, durability, and so much more. So, when you find yourself standing in front of the mirror in the dressing room, consider asking yourself these 5 questions before you buy.

Will I Wear it More Than Once?

We’ve all bought that piece of clothing that we absolutely loved, wore it once, and somehow, it’s gotten pushed to the back of our closest to never be worn again. It’s important to ask yourself this question before you buy something new because if you only wear it once then it’s essentially a waste of money. You want to find something that looks great on you that you’ll wear, not your hanger.

What Can I Match This With?

There are so many 2019 trends these days that whatever you buy you’ll want it to go with your style. Think about the outfits you have at home. Is the new clothing piece you’re looking at going to clash or compliment your current wardrobe? Buying something new should always add to your style and not make it more difficult for you to pair an outfit together. Life is busy! You don’t want to spend hours figuring what to wear with that new shirt you just bought.

What Fabric Is It Made Out Of?

This is essential when deciding if you should buy something or not. You want to buy clothing pieces that aren’t only comfortable but also durable. They’ll stand a chance in the wash or being worn for a full day of work. We’ve all bought something before that ended up with a hole in it shortly after or ripping halfway through the night. You don’t want that! So, look for fabrics that are durable and comfortable such as cotton, polyester, and spandex.

Does it Just Fit or Flatter?

Most people make the mistake of looking for stuff that just fits but doesn’t actually accentuate their body type. Finding something that it is flattering on you will earn you a bunch of compliments whether it’s the style of your pants or the color of your shirt. Fit versus flatter is a big difference. When you find something that is flattering, you’ll find yourself wanting to wear it more and you’ll feel more comfortable in it. Understand the difference and make sure to ask yourself before you buy something new.

Do I love it?

This seems simple but think about the amount of times you’ve liked something and not loved it. It happens all the time! Regardless if you’re buying a new shirt or underwear, you’ll want to ask yourself “are these the best boxer briefs I’ve ever seen” then ask yourself again 10 minutes later and if you still love them, then go ahead and buy it!