Why developers still Use selenium Testing Tool

In 2025 the automation testing will reach 110 USD. It clearly shows that there is more demand, for Test Automation services around the world. As it shows that it saves more time and very important. Taking from the periodic presentation and less human effort, the most important thing to be considered is, the business benefit of test automation is very high, accuracy.

Software Development implementation has been changing for many years. These modifications are a target to improve production and quality. This will decrease the time and software testing prominently plays a vital role in the IT sector. And many automation tools are there in the market, but why selenium online training has become more popular than any other tool.

 Selenium is considered an open source, a tool implemented to process and test. Many web applications; it was originally developed by Jason Huggins in the year 2004. At that time, no one else is talking about DevOps and Agile. Selenium Developed considering Agile Design and DevOps workflow. The response for selenium tool from 2004 to 2008 years is not good. Since selenium has come from a long direction and at presents it is the best testing tool among similar tools.

Selenium most popular testing tools among the other testing, tools at present. From many advanced reports, it is shown that 26,000 companies use selenium and HP functional testing 13 %, Apache JMeter 12 %, HP Quality center 10 %, and others 36 %.

Overall market share of selenium is more than 30 %.

 Now we will see the pros and cons of selenium

it can run on multiple testing tasks and allow parallel executions process. It can record and playback by using selenium IDE. We can tests 24/7 from anywhere in the world. For selenium, we have many online sources and very easy to install on any laptop. When we switch selenium to operate from native to the web or from any other source it needs additional support. You cannot test images in it, used to test only web-based apps and don’t support desktop applications.

Selenium the open source tool:-

Since selenium is an open source automation tool, it does not require licensing cost. This is a big advantage for each of us. Since we do not have an official, support and it is an open source tool. We have so many, brightest minds behind this tool. This will make the selenium community very strong and growing. The community depended technical, support available for free of cost.

Now that is considered to be a lot of saving. Selenium is all about options, it produces unlimited options to testers, from many different languages to the operating system. Even though for selenium it does not have its own script. And it does not consider that language. It gives a chance to select any programming languages from Python, PHP, Perl, and Java. Selenium will support many ideas like Eclipse, Net Beans and visual studio.

Selenium works with many operating systems like Linux, Macintosh, and windows. Selenium offers support on many browsers. Selenium is easy to handle, and competition to many of its competitors and it is very easy to use. The User Interface of the tool is designed in a way to guide the users to think about its features very easily. The 'type words in any field boxes', 'snap of a catch'.Selenium can easily implement an automated test process with some basic set of instructions. In other words, you don’t need so much programming knowledge to implement this tool. 

Features of Selenium:-

Selenium is not a single tool, it is a total package. It is a combination of tools that contains few elements. Each of them plays a prominent role in developing web applications. Selenium IDE, implemented for playback, debug, record and editing of selenium scripts. Selenium grid implemented to minimize the distribution of tests across many, different browsers and machines. For parallel output execution of tests that to be performed. Selenium remote control, this is the best feature of selenium. Which is utilized for so many tests on many systems and browsers? Selenium web driver is, the updated version of selenium it contains many selenium APIs.

The community of Selenium:-

The technical support, for selenium, is totally dependent on its community purpose. As we all know that it is an open-source tool. It has a very big and huge open source community, that starts constant upgrades and updates to the tool. Selenium has big and many active user communities, it provides very good support to testers. This will make the tool cost effective and useful resource.


At present we have many testing tools in the market. In that only selenium is considered the best and first choice for testing many projects. If you consider a tool that needs minimum programming knowledge. Selenium is considered as your first preference .from the beginning it is open source and a cross-platform. Selenium is the best testing package and offers an organization the best when it comes to the point of test automation.

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akhilapriya priya

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