Want an Ear Piercing? Ten Types of Earrings You Can Choose

Even though several forms of body modification are readily available in recent times, ear piercing has managed to acquire most popularity. If you are planning on going through this particular procedure, apart from scheduling appointment with a competent artist, try choosing a proper earring as well. It must be aesthetically appealing, and suit your personality. Major options include:

Want an Ear Piercing? Ten Types of Earrings You Can Choose

1.    Hoops :

Initially hoops were circular but owing to constant demand, they have lately been manufactured in various other shapes namely square, oval, rectangle, triangle, etc. Tiny wire piece penetrates through ear, attaches to other end, thus, remaining absolutely secure.

2.    Studs :

Professionals working in best piercing places Gold Coast said stud is quite stylish, and found in market in various designs. Placed right at centre of earlobe, this particular accessory can spice up any outfit.

3.    Dangles :

Dangles can freely swing, and have impressed larger segments of population until now. Manufacturers put in lot of effort to make such earrings intricate yet breathtaking. They are also at liberty to experiment with length.

Want an Ear Piercing? Ten Types of Earrings You Can Choose

4.    Drops :

Drops bear a striking resemblance to dangles but they remain stationary unlike the former. Instead of staying right on earlobe, they drop down to varying extents. Featuring a gemstone that hangs from a chain, it stands to be a favourite of contemporary women.

5.    Chandeliers :

Chandeliers are exceptionally decorative, and not for everyday wear. Women must treasure them for special events such as wedding, anniversary, baby shower, etc. Constructed with diverse jewels, they can effectually contribute to both elegance and drama.

6.    Tear Drops :

Tear drop earrings have attained acknowledgement from nearly every modern-day woman. Although anyone can opt for, these accessories usually look good on square-shaped faces. By expanding dimension, they actually soften the edges.  

7.    Cuffs :

Cuffs are noted for travelling all across outer ear. They either start at middle and reach down or encompass entire area. With numerous connection points, all of which are evenly spaced, cuffs can captivate attention of everyone within very short period.  Try analysing face first, and then choose this earring because it has a tendency of flattering only some types.

8.    Barbell :

Barbells are constructed in form of free weights. They are basically a rod having two balls, which can also be skulls, stars, or practically anything, at both sides. Barbells are of five distinct types namely curved, surface, circular, internally threaded, and externally threaded.

9.    Threader :

Threader earrings look a string or piece of thread that pierces your ear, and hangs at both sides. Sometimes a precious stone, be it made of diamond, platinum, gold, or silver, might lie at end. They look good with any dress.

10.    Bajoran :

Bajoran earrings were worn by humanoid species appearing in popular movie franchise called Star Trek. Here they tend to symbolise faith and deep connection with family. However, such rules do not really apply in real life. People can wear Bajoran just because they like it.

Top-notch professionals practicing in a trusted piercing shop Gold Coast said all earrings specified above can rejuvenate external appearance seamlessly. To make a purchase, you can either depend on a brick-and-mortar store or an online outlet. The latter is considered viable for wide collection, discreet nature, and discounts.

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