The online gaming market is on a boom and is expected to witness substantial growth in the coming years. According to Broadband Search, gamers will spend approximately $151.9 billion in 2019. Also, the estimated number of gamers are expected to rise from 2.341 billion in 2018 to 2.725 billion by 2021. 

Online gaming has started becoming popular to gamblers which will result in a better return on investment within the industry. One of the biggest reasons investors love the online gaming market is its apparent immunity to the economic crisis. Let’s have a look at why you should start investing in the online gaming market. 

1 - A Shift Towards High Margin 

According to Motif, there has been a 30.7% return over the past 12 months in the online gaming market. Emerging technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality are creating growth opportunities in the market which means better ROI for the investors. 

Instead of relying on annual game releases, gaming companies have shifted towards digital distribution strategies, as a result, they are able to generate year-round revenue and have been able to lift the margin. 

Investing in the online gaming market will be a smart move, also the investors will have the broadest exposure to all the trends impacting the growth of the digital gaming industry. 

2 - New Monetization Opportunities 

The gaming industry has opened up great opportunities for investors to invest in all kinds of apps and games. Since most of the games are cheaper or are free, the gaming industry will generate more revenue than ever. 

Games like Blackjack attracts more customers globally and is easily accessible to the players. This contributes to the increase in the engaged fan base of esports and promises a multitude of monetization opportunities. 

3 - Increase In Ageing Customers

A rise in affordable smartphones has created a stable market for the mobile gaming sector. According to Techjury, there are 2.1 billion mobile gamers in 2019 worldwide. 

According to GeekWire, 47% of the women and 54% of men belonging to the age-group of 15-24 play online games. 46% of the women belonging to the age group of 35-44 play online games. 

Users who grew up playing Contra and Super Mario, have increased accessibility to online games. As a result, the number of gamers is increasing substantially which means there will be an increase in ROI as well. 

Final Thoughts 

The ever-growing number of players is a testament to the incredible popularity this sport has gained over the years. The growth of the gaming industry in the past few years has created great opportunities for investors as they’ve been able to generate big returns in a short span of time. 

  Modified On Jun-11-2019 02:03:40 AM

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