Thinking about your roof? Maybe there is some damage, leaking or it became old. So you are thinking either to replace or repair. But there are some factors you should count before making any firm decision. Today we are going to discuss those factors that will help you to decide which option to select: repair or replace. But, keep in mind taking a good decision is not easy in case of roofing solutions.

  • Calculate the cost 

Money always matters. In case deciding whether you are going to replace or repair your roof, you should have an engineering estimate in hand. An engineering estimate would tell you an approximate cost of each and every option. This will help you in your decision making.

Engineering estimate involves every material quantity required with the pricing involved.

Decision Factor 1: For example, replacing the roof costs $50,000 whereas a quality repair costs only $10,000 of the replace. So, as the repair quality is fine and costs are substantially lower, you can opt for repair instead of replacing.

Decision Factor 2: Metal roofs are more costly than traditional roofing systems. Decide which type of material you want to see based on the budget you have in the pocket.

  • Service you expect

Why are thinking about your roof? To get service from it, right. So, before repair or replace think what kind of service actually are you seeking from your new roof. The service type and service years will help you.

Decision Factor 1: For example, you want better safety in case of fire or lightning. So you will opt for metal roofing instead of traditional shingles roofing.

Decision factor 2: For example, you are expecting to have a life expectancy of your roof over 50 years. A traditional roof made of shingles can last up to 20 years but a metal roof can last up to 60 years. So as the metal roof can serve a longer period of time, take your decision wisely.

  • Repair or Replacing: Building Codes are Involved

Almost every country follows some certain rules ie do’s and do not's in case of replacing and repairing of roof. Check the factors and obligations mentioned in codes before repairing or replacing. Some obligations may require more inspections and cost.

  • Condition of Damaged Roof

You are thinking of repair or replacing your roof because it is damaged; either small or big. The damaged condition decides the necessity of its replacing or repairing.

Decision factor 1: How intensive is the damage and where is the damaged area located? If the damaged area is over 30% of the roof surface and damage, leaking is dispersed over the all roof area, it is better to replace the full roof rather than repairing. Because repairing will not solve the problem fully.

Taking the decision of repairing or replacing a roof is tough as it involves money, quality, and supervision of works. A wise decision can save thousands of bucks and can give mental satisfaction. I suggest taking service from some company who has experience in the respective field.

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