The Menu Manager controls how Joomla menus will look and act. The Menu Manager controls the framework, or container, of the menus in Joomla. The actual menu functionality and appearance of a menu is created automatically by Joomla by triggering a new instance of “mod_mainmenu” when a menu is first created.

Menus allow a user to navigate through the site. A menu is an object which contains one or more menu items. Each menu item points to a logical page on the site. A menu module is required to place the menu on the page. One menu can have more than one module.

To access Menu Manager, first of all login in Joomla Administrator Panel and go to Menus-> Menu Manager.

Menu Manager in Joomla

Menu Manager in Joomla

The process for adding a menu to the site is normally as follows:

a)      Create a new menu with the help of wizards.

b)      Create one or more new menu items on the menu. Each menu item will have a specific menu item type.

c)       Create one or more menu modules to display the menu on the site. When you create the modules, you will select which menu items the modules will show on.

Menu Manager in Joomla

Menu Manage page contains mainly two things, first one is Column Header and second one is Toolbar which is at top right.

Column Header:  Column Header has mainly seven items which are showing some specific values related to menus items.

Checkbox:  Check this box to select all menu items. You have an alternate options too if you want to select any specific items, you can select it by clicking on adjacent checkbox of that item.

Title:  It shows the name of menu items.

Published: It shows the number of published items in this menu.

Unpublished: It shows the number of unpublished items in this menu.

Trashed: It shows the number of trashed items in this menu.

Module Linked to Menu: Lists of menu items associated with this menu.

ID:  This is a unique identification number of menu items.

Toolbar:  It contains many buttons which performed the specific functionality for the menu items.

Menu Manager in Joomla

New: It has the functionality to add new menu item for selected menu.

Edit: It has the functionality to edit the details of selected menu items.

Delete: It is used for delete to selected items. To delete any menu, first of all select any item and then click on delete button.

Rebuild:  Reconstructs or Refreshes the menu table. Normally, you do not need to rebuild the menu table. This function is provided in case the data in the table becomes corrupted.

Options:  Options is used to reset the default permission. If you want to change the default permission level, you can change here.

Help:  Opens the help screen. It provides the online help by Joomla.

How to create a new menu with the help of wizards?

To create a menu items, you have to follow some following steps:

Step 1: Login in Joomla Administrator Panel and go to Menus-> Menu Manager

Menu Manager in Joomla

Now select any menus and click on button ‘New’ which is at top right toolbarandfill all the required information in this page.

Menu Manager in Joomla

Now click on button ‘Save & Close’.

Menu Manager in Joomla

Now your menu item successfully saved into entire ‘Menus’.  To see the preview, click on ‘View Site’ which is at top right corner of ‘Menu Manager’ page.

Menu Manager in Joomla

So this is the complete description on how to create menu items in Joomla. I hope it might be useful for you and I am thankful to you for reading this article.

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