Let's take a look at what you'll need to install JOOMLA in windows operating system using with WAMP server.

a)      Download WAMP server here

b)      You’ll need to create a new MySQL database

c)       Download JOOMLA content management system software  here

Let’s take a look at what steps you’ll used to install JOOMLA in windows.

Step 1:

 First of all you must install WAMP server in your computer and then start running in your computer (click here to know how to install WAMP server in windows operating system); you will see a small icon in your system notification area.

Download and Install JOOMLA

If the icon is green then WAMP services is running properly. If the icon is red, WAMP server has not started yet.

Step 2:  

Now that WAMP is up and running, click on the WAMP icon in the notification area so that the WAMP options menu is displayed and click on "phpMyAdmin".

Download and Install JOOMLA

Now, the “phpMyAdmin” Page will open in your default web browser. Here you can create a new database for Joomla CMS Software.

Here I am creating new database with “dbMyFirstJoomla” name.

Download and Install JOOMLA

After the successfully creation of database, it will be appear at the left section of “phpMyAdmin” page.

Download and Install JOOMLA

Now you’re ready to install JOOMLA in your computer.  Now extract the downloaded copy of JOOMLA Content Management System software. 

Download and Install JOOMLA

Download and Install JOOMLA

Now go to C:\wamp\www and create a new folder with any name you want (for e.g. C:\wamp\www\Joomla17).

Download and Install JOOMLA

Copy and paste all files of Joomla_1.7.3-Stable-Full_Package inside the Joomla17 folder.

Download and Install JOOMLA

Go to your browser and type this address: http://localhost/ Joomla17 (where “Joomla17 " is the name of the folder you created recently inside C:\wamp\www) or click on localhost->Joomla17.


Download and Install JOOMLA

Now open the Joomla17 folder.

Download and Install JOOMLA

Step 3:

In this step, you must select the language for the installation process and click button ‘Next’.

Download and Install JOOMLA

Step 4:

In this step, JOOMLA 1.7 performs some compatibility tests for our system. All items must be marked as "Yes" so that you can continue with the installation. In WAMP Server you won't have a problem with this. After you make sure that everything is OK, click on button "Next".

Download and Install JOOMLA

Step 5:

In this step, GNU General Public License terms and condition is showing, read it carefully and click button ‘Next’.

Download and Install JOOMLA

Step 6:

This is a main step with the help of which we have to connect Joomla with MySQL database. Fill all the required information related to MySQL database into this page and click button ‘Next’.

Download and Install JOOMLA

Database Type:  In this field select MySQLi

Host Name:  Write ‘localhost’ in this field.

Username:  Write your username by default it takes ‘root’

Password: Write your password in this field.

Database Name: Write your database name which is recently created before installing the JOOMLA.

Table Prefix: Write table prefix name, you may choose by default name or custom name.

Download and Install JOOMLA

Step 7:

In this step, FTP Configuration page is showing which is used to connect with remote server where your website is uploaded. It’s not a mandatory step, you may skip it. Fill the required information and click button ‘Next’.

Download and Install JOOMLA

Step 8:

In this step, you have to input some basic information about yourself or website administrator who will manage the website content, permission levels, website template and many more.

Download and Install JOOMLA


Now fill all required information in text fields and click button ‘Next’.

Site Name: Enter your website name.

Advanced Setting: It’s optional fields, here you can enter Meta description and Meta tags values, with the help of these two your site could be crawled by search engine such as Google, Yahoo etc.

Meta Description: In this field, write your website description.

Meta Tag: Write keyword related to your site description.

Your Emails: Enter your or website administrator email id.

Admin Username: Enter your website administrator name.

Admin Password: Enter your password.

Install Sample Data: If you like, you can insert sample data in the website so that you can understand how JOOMLA works.

Download and Install JOOMLA

Now click on the “Remove Installation Folder” button.

Download and Install JOOMLA

Now JOOMLA CMS Software successfully installed in your computer.

Download and Install JOOMLA

Now enter ‘Admin Username’ and‘Admin Password’ in administrator login page to login as Website Administrator.

Download and Install JOOMLA

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