How to Earn More Money than with Google Ads

Today, hundreds of thousands of websites generate monetary income through advertising. Thanks to services such as Google Ads, people around the world can convert their own blog or website into their main income source. Those who succeed and manage to register millions of visits per month can dare to leave their usual jobs to devote full time to the maintenance of their websites.

Many websites have managed to capture the attention of users, generating several thousand dollars just in advertising. If you have a website and your content has gained the attention of millions of people, there’s a way to multiply by far the gains you get with Google Ads.

You may wonder: How can I do that?

Very easy! Through the paywall plugin. This service allows you to publish exclusive content for users with a membership. The sale of membership plans has been another of the most common methods by which websites have managed to increase their profits in a short time. For example, let's analyze the case of Scribd.

Scribd is a website dedicated to the publication of all kinds of written content. From online books to annotations and calculation examples made by some users. Since its founding in 2007, Scribd has become one of the most complete virtual libraries on the Internet. Thanks to Scribd, millions of people who don’t have access to a public library can read any book they search on the Internet through this website.

At first, Scribd used to be much more flexible with its free users, allowing them to read a certain amount of content for free until they finally reached their limit of daily readings. Little by little, the website was gaining popularity, increasing its number of visits per month. That was the most opportune moment to implement the paywall plugin.

Now, to have free access to all the contents of the website, you must pay a membership. Fortunately, the monthly cost is quite low, making millions of people have easy access to information. Thanks to the paywall plugin, Scribd has achieved millionaire profits in record time.

If you have something interesting for which your visitors would pay to know, you should contact paywall vendors. You can find hundreds of paywall vendors with different plans adapted to your kind of website, number of monthly visits and economic possibilities.

Many paywall vendors offer a free trial the first month to check if the service really works with your website. The main fear of many administrators is to pay hundreds of dollars for the implementation of paywall on their websites and not recovering the initial investment the first month.

Thanks to free trials, administrators can know if the content they offer is attractive enough to move visitors to buy a membership. That way, they’ll avoid losing money in the future and determine if their content needs to be improved.

If Google Ads revenue isn’t enough for you, you should try the paywall method on your website for free. You've got nothing to lose. Just imagine how much money you could earn if your idea is successful. The passive income that you currently get through advertising will be few compared to those obtained with paywall plugin. So, don’t waste any more time and call a paywall vendor now.

Last updated:8/4/2019 1:40:14 AM


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