Study abroad options in Paris offer students with an astounding opportunity to receive academic credit in a city treasured by people all over the world. Paris these days is a dream destination for tourism as well as studies. Studying and living in a city like Paris would be a lifetime opportunity for anybody but relishing this immense prospect comes with a price. It can be really costly for someone to study and live in Paris but don’t lose hope we will tell you how you can study in a city like Paris on a budget. 

All you need to know about Study abroad-Paris!!

Lets understand first. How much does it costs! The average tuition fee in Paris is around Euro 10000-20000 per year in a private institution. But as mentioned this is the average tuition fee at a private college/university. There are Public universities that offer free education to international students. So if you can manage to get in to a public university this would help you a lot in cutting down the expenses. Also, in order to be eligible to get in to a public university you should check the eligibility criteria and try to fulfill the same.

What should you know about studying in Paris!

Learn the language: This is very important, while studying in Paris you should either go prepared by learning the language from your home country itself or should plan to learn it in France itself. Though being in Paris (France) would definitely improve your language skills but before actually entering the city you should know at least some basics of the language. This would be helpful in working Part time and full time (during/after the studies). 

Enjoy the ride in Public transport: If you are an Indian you must not be happy with the way public transports works in India But public transport in France is comparatively super amazing. Like India Paris also has Metro and we would suggest that every international student in Paris must experience the Metro and Public Bus ride in Paris. 

Look for cheap accommodation alternatives: The on-campus accommodation in any university abroad for education would dig a hole in your pocket be it any country. So, it is always suggested to explore off-campus accommodation options. Also in Paris we would suggest to explore Dorms as an alternative to private accommodation options. Sharing a flat is also an in-expensive option; few students can rent an apartment and share the rent. This would come in budget and also put you away from homesickness. 

Discover the local market: Instead of spending huge amount of money on the Super-markets try and discover the local markets in Paris. You may get food items at a very low price. Paris has a lot of alternative for exceptionally unmarked markets offering fresh fruits, vegetables and many more items and very important at a great price. And cherry on the cake would be that you will get to support local farmers, and polish your language skills!

Stay out as much as you can: Living alone abroad sometimes can give you homesickness. So, while you are there in Paris we would recommend you to make the most of it. Get out as much as you can and explore this beautiful city to the fullest.

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