The Best Free Reading Apps For Book Lovers

Are you fond of reading a book? Do you feel tired of carrying your books everywhere you go? If you have a small backpack or find difficult carrying a book but you cannot avoid your interest to read one, you need to download a smart app. Your Play Store must be full of many options that can make you enjoy book reading without experiencing any hassle. You do not have to toss and turn any page or get stuck in the crowd waiting for a chance to peek on your book to read more of that story. Check out the list of best apps and enjoy reading on the go.


Aldiko provides a personalized reading experience to the users. The app has its own library from where you can get the most recent picks. You can increase your reading list and bookmark the pages you like. If you sign up for the premium book account, you can get audiobooks as well. Such an app is hard to get as many professionals of android and iOS app development service in Canada suggest.

FB Reader

FB READER is a professional reading app that provides the best quality interface to help you read your novels and books as easily and efficiently as you can. You can efficiently access the books you saved and highlight sections you like.

Oodles EBook Reader

Oodles EBook Reader enjoys more than 50% reads. It has a huge fan base of readers who love to use the platform to enjoy reading. Moreover, the app is only in the Russian language so if you have been looking for such an app, you can get it now. Do not let any language barrier to create hindrance in your reading experience. Now you can keep your book close to you at all times.

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