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Frequent sneezing, on-going sniffles, extreme fatigue and watery eyes - if you go to the doctor they will say that these appear to be the symptoms of an ordinary head cold. Recent studies suggest that such symptoms may be the result of spending a lot time indoors and possibly because of Indoor Air Pollution.'Indoor Air' is air within a building such as your home, classroom, office, shopping center, hospital or gym. We say 'Indoor air pollution' if the indoor air is contaminated by smoke, chemicals, smells or particles.Indoor air pollution is the cause of a host of different diseases, including respiratory diseases and cancer. You may not know it, but it directly impacts you, your family and your home. If you care about your own wellbeing as well as your family’s, you must also care about indoor air pollution.

Indoor air pollution is increasingly becoming one of the greatest concerns around the world, even greater than outdoor pollution. Former is claiming more lives than the later. This is because the studies suggest, indoor air can upto 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Most of us spend most of our times indoor and this is why deteriorating air quality has a far more impact on our health than we can imagine. India is unfortunately taking the biggest brunt as it is among the top most countries when it comes to polluted indoor air.

India’s confined indoor spaces are a haven for toxins, as they can grow ever more rapidly. The Hindustan Times reports that indoor air pollution claims a million lives every year in India alone. It indicates that indoor air pollution is the second biggest killer in India after high blood pressure. Besides the loss of lives, air contamination also causes nausea, headache, dizziness, cough and increased risk of cancer and asthma.

According to a survey by Artemis Hospital, under the Clean Air India Movement, covering 628 people across houses and offices in Gurgaon, indoor air quality in Gurgaon is poor. The survey covered offices belonging to the manufacturing, information technology and automobile industries; the houses covered belonged to DLF Phase-III, Sector 4, Nirvana Country and Sushant Lok.

The survey made shocking revelations, reporting that 76% of houses and offices had PM (particle matter) levels 2.5 times what is considered normal. The survey highlighted the connection between the quality of indoor air and lung health, reporting that due to the indoor quality of air being unhealthy, 31% of respondents suffered some form of airway disease whereas 46% were discovered to suffer from symptoms of respiratory disease. It also reported that since people were indoors for the vast majority of the time, and since indoor air pollutants are 1,000 times likelier to impact the lungs, people are at greater health risks indoors than outdoors. The survey also reported that indoor air pollution is a cancer-causing agent.


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