The Big 4: Things To Consider Before Buying Any Home Projector

Getting to decide which home projector is suitable for your apartment could be like jogging the entire street of New York. Your choices could be costly, depending on your preference or purpose of getting a projector. In this guide, we will run a quick tour of how you can decide the right projector system for your home entertainment system.

#1 – Purpose

First things first. Ask yourself, what do you want to use the projector for? Are you a sports fan that has a huge need to see sporting events on a big screen? You tell! For a total replacement to your TV, you should be looking out for a product that has DPL technology incorporated in it. This is because LCOS and DPL projectors tend to have better picture display that other conventional products. As a matter of fact, being able to watch blue-ray DVDs

The Big 4: Things To Consider Before Buying Any Home Projector

#2 – Budget

You would agree with us that eventually; your budget is the most limiting or the most accommodating factor that determines the kind of projector you would be buying. Usually, smart home projectors costs about $1000 and above but thanks to some reviews and the technology of miniaturizing, you would find some really good home projector picks under 500 and that means you don’t have to break the bank to find yourself a great deal of viewing experience. Experts say it is recommended to spend more rather than less when it comes to projectors and there is a justification for that – more expensive projectors tend to last longer and also provide better user experience overall. Therefore, for the purpose of this article, we would recommend anything from $500 and above for a decent viewing experience.

#3 - Position

Where you want to mount your projector is also an important factor that affects deciding the right projector for your home. Depending on this position, you will have to look for specifics in terms of light sensitivity, the throw, max resolution, etc. Try as much not to fall victim of just purchasing a projector because the price is high. Get to know what area the projector will be fixed, read reviews of projectors that meet your distance or room condition for a proper orientation on what to settle for. In essence, we are saying that some projectors perform better in dark conditions only while some do just great with a bright environment. The safest option though, is to go for a projector that handles both light and dark conditions. This means that you get all the freedom to watch your favorite show or whatsoever anytime of the day.

#4 - Extras

More often than not, we find that some extra perks of projectors set them above others. Options like having double HDMI ports, really audible speakers, display resolution, wireless capabilities, support for older VGA, etc could be a deal breaker for you. Some projectors even have additional support for USB devices. Definitely, what pleases Tom may just be a waste of feature for Jane. It all boils down as what you consider useful for your viewing experience after all.

That brings us to the end of this quick guide. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to drop a comment.

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