AOL Desktop Gold allows users to access and explore the world of Aol by using just one platform. You can reply to emails through Aol contacts, play games and browse the web. It provides the safety of any suspicious or harmful sites when you browse internet using Aol browser. It has many enhanced security features that allows you to browse without any worry. However sometimes you can face the annoying issue with AOL desktop gold working slow problem. This issue may occur due to the following reasons:

1. Slow or no internet connection.

2. Virus or malware issue.

3. Outdated application.

4. Compatibility issue.

5. Conflict with others software.

First we will discuss how to download AOL Gold Desktop on Windows.

Here how you can download the AOL Gold desktop for your Window:

1. First go to and login to your AOL account.

2. Go to down to “AOL Desktop Gold” option

3. Click on ‘’Download Now’’ button.

4. Downloading will start automatically.

After the downloading process you need to install the program, which you can do as follow:

• Go to your system's Downloads folder.

• There will be an install aol desktop icon, double-click.

• A security window will open.

• Click on the button "Run."

• A new window with the name "AOL Desktop Gold window" will then appear.

• Click on the button "INSTALL NOW."

• If necessary, you may be asked to uninstall older versions or import your mail.

• Click the option "Yes."

• To finish the process, click OK

• AOL Desktop Gold has been downloaded and installed.

Downloading Aol Gold Desktop

You need to follow the same procedure as for windows,

1. Go to the official site and login to your account.

2. Click on the download button to start the downloading.

3. After downloading run the application by accepting the terms to start the installing process.

4. After the installation click on ‘’Finish’’ and restart the system.

Now after the downloading and installing process, we will discuss how to fix the AOL desktop gold working slow problem. What to do in order to resolve AOL Desktop Gold Working Slow problem?

If you face any issue with the slow working problem of your Aol Desktop Gold then you can try the following things to fix the problem.

1. Restart your computer: This is the easiest and most effective way to solve many of your small technical issue of AOL desktop gold working slow problem. Restarting your computer will flush out the ram automatically and remove any temporary data that slows down your computer.

2. Check network Connection: This is the most obvious reason why your Aol Desktop Gold slow working and most users face this issue. You need to check your internet connection along with all the cables and router to check for the proper working of your internet connection.

3. Reinstall Aol Desktop Gold: If you find many technical errors that regularly slows down your Aol Desktop then you need to reinstall the software to fix the issue.

AOL Desktop Gold Error 404:

AOL Desktop Gold Error 404 is a common problem which occurs while installing this software and restrict the users to install it. You can fix the error in just simple steps:

1. Use an antivirus program: Use an antivirus software to fully scan your computer. Then check for any virus or malware, if found delete the suspicious file and remove the malware.

2. Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold: Go to control panel and choose uninstall from program list. When uninstall process complete, go to AOL account and download AOL Desktop Gold again and check for proper installation as the improper file will cause problem.

I hope this will fix the issue of your AOL desktop gold working slow problem, and in case if you are still unable to fix the issue then you can reach our technical support team to help you with this.

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