Different Roles And Responsibilities Of A Security Guard

Different Roles And Responsibilities Of A Security Guard

Properties and businesses that don't have a security guard are like unguarded assets, which anyone can misuse for their purposes. It is unsafe as the chances of break-ins and burglaries can increase, causing you sleepless nights. 

But if you want to protect your property from any potential physical damage, theft, sabotage, or violence, then it's better to hire a professional security officer. 

A well-trained patrolling officer will watch over your business, property, people, events and others to safeguard it. The person will have an array of responsibilities and duties on the shoulders to be of excellent service to the employer, the society, and the ultimate goal.

While the primary role of security personnel is to protect and prevent the occurrence of unlawful activities, their responsibility may become diversified based on the nature of the job.

The typical duties of a security officer

There are a lot of things that a security person has to do, but the main objective for them is to ensure the safety of the people, help the public, and prevent crimes. These three goals form the basis of what they do on duty on a daily basis.

Many businesses opt for security guard hire Brisbane to provide robust security arrangements at public areas, schools, private communities, events, shows, and others. In those places, the safety and security of property and people rely on these individuals and their skills. Their actions make way for order and peace even in a densely crowded space. 

Another thing they have to do generally is, prevent and stop any criminal activity from happening, whether it involves hacking, break-ins, or theft. They receive elaborate training and acquire the necessary skills to handle situations like these. 

Their observation and reflexes equip them to control any criminal activity efficiently. They focus on preventive methods and practices to fulfil their tasks.

Apart from that, it's the responsibility of a security officer to help the public politely while practising professionalism and authority. Giving directions and instructions to the public, regardless of their size, in different formats and applying regulations for their safety also constitute a part of their job.

When the public gets outrageous, angry, or scared, they have to maintain calm while giving an ear to their problems and communicating the situation. If the security guard comes from a strictly professional background, he or she will be able to take charge of the circumstance along with bringing order in the place.

They can also render a potential threat ineffective even during a stressful event with their understanding and analysis. 

Here is a quick look at the overall duties they perform regularly.

  • Do a security check of the specific points in the area
  • Keep an eye on the movement of the staff, clients, visitors, and contractors
  • Catch criminals and hand them over to the police
  • Create a report and notes every day
  • Take care of the security and alarm systems of the property
  • Protect property by enforcing laws and regulations
  • Check if the doors and entrances are correctly locked
  • Be alert to any unusual sounds and activities
  • Guide public about effective security measures
  • Apply preventive actions to check security threats
  • Direct traffic
  • Coordinate with other security personnel

Specific job responsibilities of a security officer

 Although the gamut of their job responsibility is quite broad, a security officer has to perform many tasks based on the nature of his job and the kind of industry where he joins. You can read below for examples.

Office and Residential Concierge

In these settings, security officers have to protect the property, staff, and customers. They are usually the first one to be seen and contacted by any customer, employee, guest, or resident who enters the area. That's why it's essential to hire someone whose presentation and communication skills are excellent.

Retail Shops

For retail stores, you need an individual who is alert and proactive in his task as he has to protect staff as well as stock, preventing any chances of theft. Also, he should have a knack to identify people from their behaviour and stop an offender when the need arises.

Museums and Art Galleries

These places need guards who can save artwork and exhibited items through strict inspection of the people and goods that enter and exit the facility. Although museums and art galleries are equipped with advanced surveillance systems, the security guards have to be extra alert on duty as here the items are more priceless.

Private and government sites

Warehouses and government buildings need security officers to inspect the licenses and permits of all the individuals and automobiles visiting them. They have to be always alert and ready on this kind of job because it involves the protection of confidential information and assets.  

Hotels, bars and nightclubs

Here they majorly work for controlling the crowd. They are again the first point of contact at these places. From checking and scanning IDs to ensuring that guests wait in line as per the rules of the site, they perform a myriad of jobs.

Schools, parks, and stadiums

Since these settings mostly involve crowd handling, the guards need to be capable of maintaining car park traffic, showing visitors and guests the way to entry, and regulating their footfall to maintain order.

Train stations, airports, and transportation depots

From protecting commuters, travellers, goods, and infrastructure to surrounding areas, the security officers shoulder a heavy responsibility at these locations. They patrol, check luggage, and scan bodies of the people to ensure protection and peace at these sites, which witness thousands of footfall every day.

Whether you are going to hold an event or have a business that needs protection, you would need to hire a professional security service so that all your objectives are fulfilled. 

At the time of contracting a service, don’t forget to check their background and reputation in the market. The company that has gained significant experience in this field is always better to choose because it will be professional as well as sound in its approach.

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