5 Golden tips for a higher ranking in Google

Being well found in Google is no easy task. Are you just starting with that? Here are five tips to get you started with Search Engine Optimization, or to make your website as search engine friendly as possible.

Since Google is undoubtedly the largest search engine, it is pure necessity to take the basic requirements of Google into account when building and designing your new website or eCommerce store.

The Google search engine ranks pages on speed, security, relevant, and unique content. Websites that respond to these requirements are guaranteed to end up higher in the Google ranking.

1. Determine your goal and target group

Determine your goal and audience before you start writing (or have it written). And address your target audience in your text with relevant information and a tone that appeals to the visitors of your company. 

2. Ensure good content

About 70% of internet users only look at the top 3 search results. A strong argument to make the content on your website or site SEO-friendly. You can work poetically, but if nobody can find your site, it is no use to you. On the other hand, content that is covered with SEO terms is unreadable.

Reporting eight times in a text of a hundred words that your bikes are reliable and fast will quickly become annoying. In that case, visitors drop out, which Google is not happy with, and it does not result in a conversion. If you write a web-text about your company, think of arguments why others should work with you. Why is your service or product distinctive, and why does it make the world a better place?

3. Keywords

Once your content has been written, it is time to pay attention to the keywords. Google would like to know as quickly as possible what your content is about. Elegantly process the keywords in the meta-description and headers (h1, h2, h3) in your text and introduction.

You can also use several free tools to find out what users are search to find your company online. Toos like keyword planner comes in place. It is a Google Adwords tool that also lets you see what the search volume is. The search volume is the number of searches in which these keywords occur. Keep in mind that the keywords with high search volumes often have a lot of competition. Therefore try to be specific and crawl into the skin of the 'seeker.' 

4. Keep it short

Limit the text to 250 to 300 words. Your reader wants to be informed quickly and to the point. If you have a longer message, make sure that there are provocative headers above texts of about a hundred words. 

5. Take your time and write                             

Once you have determined your message, target group, and keywords, then really start. Take your time, sit down, and write, with the above tips in mind. Make it convincing and make sure you touch people, for example, with a personal anecdote in "About us." That is often the primary (unconscious) reason that they choose you.  

Consider further how you want the readers to respond; what action should they take, and how do you make this as attractive as possible? List the benefits of your product or service, a quote from experienced experts, and explain what your client's problem solves. Then check if your story meets the predetermined message, target group, and keywords.

About Author:- Jagdish Prajapat is a professional digital Marketer & SEO expert with the idea of digitizing the way brand talk to people. I breathe digital, think digital and talk digital.

  Modified On Jan-03-2020 10:09:21 PM

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