Amazon is a quite popular name these days and has been offering a range of services to its users from time to time. Knowing about its vast benefits, a number of firms are now taking up the services to gain benefit in their business. This has led a number of organizations to hire candidates who are trained up in the field of Amazon web services. AWS has been offering a number of candidates with the training in Amazon web services in different areas.

AWS Solution Architect is one such category in which candidates are gaining knowledge these days. There are a number of different other categories too in which candidates get certification in order to excel in the services of Amazon. The basic concept of these certifications is to help the candidates acquire great knowledge in Amazon services and help the firms and other organizations to achieve their goals. Of course, today there are also a number of such candidates who are getting through such certifications in order to start up their own business in place of working for someone else. Whatever is the case, it is for sure that the Amazon services and the certifications are a boon for the current situation.

If Certification in AWS Solution is your next goal and you do not understand where you have to start preparing. What do you need to learn for it? How long will it take to get this certificate?

Do not worry, in this article we have covered you with this complete AWS certified solution architect Associate Study Guide. This article contains everything you need to know for this authentication, step by step. This article explains how to use the Learning Path to get AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification, and also try to know how much time it takes to prepare for the exam. The certificate is a debatable topic in IT. Some people argue that getting certification makes you more marketable, while others think that they can harm the assumption that you are compensating for the lack of experience. Even though you are standing on this issue, in general, my personal experience with certificates has been very positive during my career. It has undoubtedly opened many doors for me, and it has set me apart from the other candidates.

Why is this important for you?

If you have 10 years of experience in IT and your resume is already full of achievements and projects that you have completed. But ask yourself, have you got the correct position in the company according to your experience and achievements? Because of which a hiring manager cannot ignore your resume. It draws attention to you that if the certificate was easy to obtain, then everyone would have one. By showing that you are employed, you separate yourself in such a way that sometimes the list of projects is not made.

On the other hand, maybe you are completely new in the tech industry and want to get your first job. This is definitely a situation where authentication can start again at the top of the heap. As more and more people read salary figures, companies are applying for technical posts. After all, who does not want to earn money like that? Many of these applicants will list the AWS under their skill classes, but honestly tell, some of them do not have the real skills to do the job.

Benefits of AWS:

AWS Solutions Architect Certification provides some benefits, and they have:

  • Increase in the market for employers
  • Substantial credit in a growing industry (with an estimated increase of more than 70 percent in five years)
  • According to market analysis, this is the highest paid IT certification in 2018

Types OF AWS Certification

There are two types of certificates:

  • Candidate's certificate

AWS certificates stand for their rigor and completeness in evaluating the skills of a candidate, with emphasis on self-perception and best practices. If you are already working with AWS, then preparing for certification can help strengthen your knowledge by explaining the main concepts. If you are new to the AWS, then it can provide the knowledge and skills necessary to work with AWS services and solutions below the road. For organizations looking for recruits, the AWS certification recognizes candidates' expertise and knowledge of best practices in cloud architecture, management, and security.

  • Employer certificate

In the enterprise, the primary training material used for the preparation of AWS certificates is a valuable component in the company's internal training path. As IT environments become more customized and new skills development, the growing number of companies is building their own certification programs. Many of them are using Vendor Authentication Training Paths in respect of internal training material so that certification track can be maintained for their business needs.

Where to Start?

However, if you are not sure where to start, then the Certified Solutions Architects test is our recommendation. It provides the most comprehensive skills on AWS so that you can get up and running immediately with the platform. And because the ability in it gives you a better starting point and with this, you are getting a new job to work with AWS. From a professional perspective, it makes sense. But in most specific positions, fewer people are required, but developers and SysOps certifications are more specific to get these posts. But companies running AWS can never have a lot of people with a shared understanding of the platform. So if a business is hiring people to work with their infrastructure, then they cannot go wrong with the architecture architects.

How long will it take?

The most fundamental question is about the duration. To get through the certification, you need to start well, prepare well pass the exam in a proper way. On average, we recommend preparing for approximately 80 hours for the Solution Architects Associate exam, as long as you have some AWS experience. This includes studying all your resources, including our solution Architect Learning Path, and any other resources you have selected. With a full-time job and other commitments, it usually takes two months to invest in an 80-hour study. If you are entirely new to the AWS, then we suggest about 120 hours or three months for preparations. Start with the fundamental principles, and then go on to the solution Architect Associate Learning Path.

How much does the architect Associate exam add to your current or past work experience?

This will tell you where to focus your time on learning new topics. Here are some of the basics that can be gone through.

  • About 60 percent solution architect focuses on Associate Exam Designing Solutions. If you work in solution design or architecture, or if you have these responsibilities in your role, then these topics, concepts, and services may already be familiar to you.
  • Another 30 percent solution, architect Associate exam focuses on security and troubleshooting, which can be familiar with IT or system administrator background.
  • The remaining 10 percent is focused on deployment and implementation, which can be familiar with developers or programmers. However, the Solutions Architects Associate exam mainly focuses on the infrastructure. As a result, the concepts and services involved in the exam can be completely new if your first experience is in software programming or coding.


Having a certification is a must today so that you can have a great career and a great future ahead. But choosing the right certification is also very much important. One of the professional courses that people are going by now is that of AWS. Before you take up this certification course and start getting trained in it, it is very much required that you go through some of the important points of the certification course. After having a proper review of the courses, you can know whether it is going to be fruitful for your career aspects ahead or not.

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