Artificial Intelligence And The Way It Can Change Work For Better

It is 2019 already; Artificial Intelligence or AI is slowly taking over the world. The future seems easier than it appeared before. You might ask how. Well, to answer that question, you need to first look around the world. Look closer, what do you see? A world is beaming with automated systems.

You are coming to the topic of how AI can improve the environment. First of all, the process has already started. Chatbots are everywhere. They help you set up your schedule, teach and even work on projects. Technology is only moving ahead. Just imagine how wonderful further advancements in technology would be! Artificial intelligence working side by side with human minds – a world made easy. DataMites is providing Data Science Course in Bangalore along with Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence. Sign-up today and get certify.

Still having difficulty in understanding how exactly AI could positively affect the workplace in the future? Well, here are some points that you may want to go through.

Recruitment Of New Employees

It is no news to all that these days’ companies hardly recruit and source new employees. From a huge pool of talented people, only a few get in. In other cases, the job description does not attract the attention of talented people.

In either case, the company is at a loss. So, how to break this loop? AI is the solution. The employers can work with the chatbots and create effective ways to find and match candidates according to the job profile at a much faster pace. This way the recruiters could choose candidates based on the ‘core’ or important skills required for the job.

Hr ‘Hackathons’

With the help of hackathons, the chatbots and HR officials could create and identify new age solutions for various problems. Many companies have started using ‘machine learning’ to improvise and better the experience of their candidates. Similarly, other techniques can be used. Bringing together chatbots, HR managers, graphic designers, and other professionals, the company could lead its way to the top.

The ‘Middle Man’

Humans can make mistakes like forgetting the schedule or remembering essential notes during the meeting. However, chatbots do not. They can be the middle man handling the schedule. They could take down minutes and make important highlights, mark the keywords, etc.

About Automate, Augment, and Amplify

These words may be random but when arranged in the above order, make a lot of sense. These three words used by professionals to identify the way in which AI could improvise a role or task.

What part of this task could be automated for better quality and efficiency?

What impact could data analysis have on building new ideas?

Which aspects of this work could be redesigned by ‘machine learning’ to improve the outcome?

By asking these questions, you could find out in what way to use AI to achieve maximum success.

Career Growth

AI could help employees to find their goal rather than just sticking to the ‘promotion is success’ motto. Employees should realize that promotion is not the only way to get to the top, instead of understanding their needs and calculating their abilities they could climb up the ladder of success.

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Other than the above points, employee communication could also be improved by enforcing AI technology in the workplace. Together with artificial intelligence, one could surely look into the future with satisfaction.

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