9 Tips To Plan The Wedding Transportation Perfectly

There is a lot of planning which is involved when we talk about a perfect wedding scenario. Generally, all we discuss and talk about is the outfits, food, jewelry, venue, and décor. One of the main significant factors, which are generally overlooked, is transportation at the wedding. As the family members and guests need to reach the venue safely and on time, the wedding car rental services come into the picture. Below are the things you must consider in order to manage and arrange the wedding transportation flawlessly for a smooth wedding process without any chaos. 

9 Tips To Plan The Wedding Transportation Perfectly

Count the number of guests: 

Counting and deciding on the number of guests who will accompany in the car is imperative to decide about the kind and number of transport needed to rent out. Considering the family members, friends and even vendors like a photographer to take the shots on the way is important. 

Estimate the cost for the hiring service:

As per the number of guests accompanying, the total renting of the vehicle cost can be decided. This is based on the number of vehicles that are needed and for the number of hours. A rough estimate can be figured out which includes the waiting time per trip too. 

Choosing the rental service provider:

This is tough but the most important decision. One should check about their reputation, the punctual service, the options and condition of the vehicle offered and the budget of course. 

Book in advance to avoid end minute glitch:

As soon as the wedding dates are booked, booking the car in advance is advised to avoid end minute dissatisfactions and end moment high charges. 

Choose the right vehicle as per the number of guests:

After the estimated total number of guests is decided, choosing several vehicles accordingly is easy. One can select between car, charter buses, and even minivans. 

Book in person with the detailed investigation:

This is a very important step in order to check the condition of the car or vans the wedding car rental company is offering. This not only helps you to choose the best but avoid end moment embarrassments due to bad vehicle condition. 

Check for the advance payment process: 

Other than negotiating with the vendor on the final price, make sure you check about the advance payment process. While paying some percentage as an advance booking, you have the liberty to cancel the services, if the need arises. 

Plan the timely transport process each trip:

Around 20-30 minutes waiting time per trip, which includes average traffic time, is what should be added to each trip. This is the best way to plan out all the trips in order to make all guests reach in a timely manner. 

Read the deal before finalizing:

Above all, reading the contract of the company hired for transportation is much needed to know about payment details, cancelation policy, refunding or advance payment process. One should also confirm the complimentary amenities provided by the company in each car. Hence, one should carefully read before planning to sign on the papers to finalize the transportation vendor. 

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