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An Analysis About Pregnancy Test

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An Analysis About Pregnancy Test

A couple of types of pregnancy test arise one is the blood and the other urine test. The former relies on a sample of blood whereas the other on urine. But the logic of both these kinds of pregnancy test is the same as it detects the presence of HCG. This hormone emerges in the body during the first few weeks of pregnancy. This rampant shift of the hormones leads to the formation of pregnancy symptoms.

Urine tests

They can be undertaken in a couple of ways and even at a clinic or home you can perform them. The first way would be to collect urine in a sample of cup and then on to the urine dipping a stick. The other option would be dipping and catching the sample of urine upstream.

The test results on how long you have to wait for the test results to arrive. A symbol or change of colour is what you are looking to expect. Any test comes with a given set of instruction and it is necessary that you do follow them properly so that accurate measurements arise. In some cases video demonstration are provided on how a pregnancy test works.

The time frame when you can opt for this test?

The doctors are of the suggestion that you wait for the first day of your missed period before you opt for this test. After a couple of weeks in terms of conception this test can be undertaken. There are some test results that are sensitive and you can take them before that.

Are the urine tests accurate?

Sometimes a first response pregnancy test false negative could emerge. This means that you might be pregnant but the opposite results are revealed. Numbers indicate that 97 % of the times the test results are right if you undertake it in a proper manner. Though home pregnancy tests are a lot accurate as you can undertake them in your home and even cost less. At the same time they are easy to use and provide you with instant results.

But if you do not the test properly or even early the test results can be very accurate. Negative result may still point to the occurrence of pregnancy symptoms in the form of fatigue, nausea , missed period. Do wait for a week till your test is due and if still pregnancy symptoms do not show up it is always better to avail the expert opinion of your doctor.

Do wait until a week of your missed period to opt for a home pregnancy test. One of the first signs of pregnancy is a missed period. In case if you are not in a position to wait till the date of conception just opt for a test before 14 days of conception.

Opt for a blood test if the situation arises as they might show you the same results as a urine test. There are various books on pregnancy which helps you become pregnant a lot faster.

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