A device that can effectively control the use of the electric power in equipment (for instance a motor) is termed as a starter. A starter not only starts a motor but can also protect and reverses it. The 2 main parts of an electric starter include the contractor and overload protection. The contractor will control the flow of electric current to a motor. The function of the contractor is to establish and to interrupt the electrical connection when the right time arrives. While there are electric and pneumatic starters also available, the mechanical starters have still not lost their relevance. 

Why Mechanical Motor Starters Still Maintain Their Prominence In Certain Areas?

The Importance of Mechanical Starters

The mechanical starters are uncomplicated devices that can be used to open or close an electrical circuit mechanically. The contractor of the mechanical starter has shunts as well as a control coil. The center of the device brings in the electric current, which energizes the control coil. The control coil is responsible for creating a magnetic field through which the contractor can be opened or closed. After the current energies, the coil of the magnetic field created can mechanically move the contractor so that the contacts could be opened or closed.

 The importance of mechanical starters stems from the fact that in many of the situations they are a better option and can provide better performance. For instance, they might be the best option available in areas where high voltage is being applied. They can stop the current almost instantly and unlike other starters, they can also tolerate the highest voltage arcing. They are used in situations where the electric current is initiated and stopped more frequently (for instance in the elevators and the cranes). Their use is also necessary for the production lines, including the conveyor systems.

Suitable for High Current/Voltage Production Lines

The mechanical starters are preferred when there are more than 15 amperes of a current or greater number of kilowatts. Here the contactors can perform better than the electrical starters and the relay solutions. The motor starter works well with both DC and AC currents and is also adept at handling the more dirty situations. The electromagnetic mechanical motor starters are widely used in gantry cranes, heavy lift cranes, process plants, mining operations, and in other areas.

The mechanical starters also work optimally. They can prevent the electric spikes which can harm the components of the motor. The starter can effectively reduce the voltage supply to the motor as well, for the shortest duration. Upon proper acceleration of the motor, it can be stopped without any trouble. The starters can also provide protection to the equipment against low voltage, single phasing, and overload among other conditions. 

Mechanical contractor starters and their components including the coils come in a variety of sizes. The basic operation is the same in all the conditions. The reliability and simplicity of the starters can set the benchmarks and make for a preferred standard even when everything else is going digital. Mechanical starters will maintain their prominence over the coming years. You can buy the best variety of motor starter from a leading supplier of industrial equipment and products, at a reasonable cost, online itself. 

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