Technology is rapidly changing the way that people conduct their daily lives. At first, these advancements only affected a small portion of the population that could afford access. With each passing year, technology is becoming more advanced and readily available to the average consumer. While many forms of technology have already improved the workplace, these changes are starting to change living spaces as well. Here are a few ways that technology is improving and simplifying home life. 

1. Telecommuting Possibilities 

Working from home was a rare occurrence only a few decades ago. Today, millions of people around the world are able to work from home with the advent of telecommuting positions. This transition into the modern world was made possible by several different technological advancements. Laptops and computers make it possible for employees to complete a substantial amount of high-quality work without leaving home. Email, video chats, and phone calls allow for team members to remain in contact with each other regardless of their location. 

2. Universal Remote 

With every passing decade, it seems as though a few new devices and machines make their way into our homes. The average household in the United States had a significantly lower number of technological devices. Twenty years ago, it was normal to own a television and stereo. Now, most homes have several televisions, high-quality stereos, surround-sound systems, satellite radios, and more. Instead of having a remote for each device, you can opt to have one universal remote with control over everything. These devices can control power options, volume preferences, and more. There are even some universal remotes that can be programmed to control lighting and alarm systems. 

3. Camera Systems 

Camera systems are one of the more recent developments within the realm of home technology. There are various forms of these devices that are used for different purposes. Many camera systems are designed to make it easier for homeowners to protect their family and belongings from intruders. Some cameras can monitor people who approach a home's front door and provide live footage to a person's phone. Whether waiting for a friend or a delivery, you have remote access to decide who enters your home. There are also many camera systems designed to allow easier communication between children and parents. 

4. Online Shopping 

Although many people shake their heads in disbelief at the idea of online shopping, this technological advancement is greatly improving the quality of life for homeowners across the country. From the comfort of your own home, you can order groceries simply by clicking a few buttons. This technology gives you more time to focus on what is important at home. Many online shopping providers also give customers the option to set weekly deliveries automatically. This can effectively eliminate the stress and time spent on grocery shopping altogether. 

5. Domotics 

Domotics refers to the integration of technology, computers, and systems in order to make a home "smart". With the right devices, you can turn any living space into a smart home. Many aspects of a house have the potential to be automated and controlled by artificial intelligence or a central computer. For example, you can implement an alarm system to secure a home automatically when you leave for work. With the right technology, you can also optimize a home's climate control system to become more energy efficient. Home automation can impact entertainment systems, alarm systems, lighting, appliances, and many other aspects of living space. 

As technological advancements make their way into the average household, many people are pessimistic about the results. Instead of focusing on the positive effects, homeowners are concerned about how these pieces of technology are impacting their daily interactions. In reality, the increased presence of technology in a home has advantages and disadvantages. When used properly, technology can greatly improve and simplify your home life. These five examples are only a few of the countless ways in which technology can positively impact a home.

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