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Debunking the Illusions of Call Center Outsourcing!

Emily Bartels 859 05-May-2019

Call center industry is booming today! It has revolutionized and transformed to become one of the fastest growing industry in the world, which has compelled businesses to look for call center outsourcing services for their business productivity. Customer satisfaction is supreme for every business, as it plays an important role in building the business brand image. This compels companies to take their customer support very seriously for which they demand BPO outsourcing firms to look after their operations.

Call center outsourcing companies today are the need of the hour with their excellent customer support service. However, some myths related to BPO organizations have always pulled it down. When a company thinks to outsource its call center and another business service to an external partner, it looks at numerous benefits it will enjoy with outsourcing. However, some myths have always tarnished the value of BPO firms and need to be debunked. There is a plethora of benefits businesses enjoy with outsourcing, and here we bring some illusions that you need to avoid:

• Outsourcing diminishes effective service

You must have heard that outsourcing the customer support for a business, there is no guarantee of consistent service by the external agents! Well, it is very wrong to say that effective business service diminishes with outsourcing.

The service provider company knows the value of customer satisfaction for its clients and thus does all efforts to earn customer experience to get more clients in the future. Reliable BPO outsourcing is well aware of the importance of effective service and thus to maintain their business brand image, they look forward to enhanced delivery to their clients.

• Outsourcing is complex

Many business owners say outsourcing is complex and understanding outsourced operations is hard. Well, it is a very simple formula and works tremendously. Outsourcing helps your business be free of the non-primary functions to focus on business development strategies.

Getting an external partner is cost-effective than hiring in-house, it saves time, makes experts available, helps the business reach far off to all its target audience, making outsourcing a simple process to understand and execute.

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Many companies also believe that outsourcing is hard to understand for everybody; however, it works on simple variants and getting a partner for your business service helps it grow in less time, less budget and even with ease.

Moreover, outsourcing to a reputed partner diminishes this myth totally, as several business owners will personally tell you the perquisites of outsourcing and that there is no such data breach concern.

• Performance declines with time

Outsourcing the business service, owners always have this thought that their business performance may decline with time as external partners cannot be trusted. However, with time the business performance boosts anyway as the outsourced partners work with business productivity as their main motive.

Moreover, you can personally keep an eye on the service regularly and can access business services to much extent as before. The agents perform the business activities and aim to boost your service regularly, so there is no issue of declining performance.

• Outsourcing is expensive

This is again a myth that says outsourcing will cost too expensive for your business. Getting an external partner is far more cost-effective than hiring in-house experts. It is better to outsource than to spend heavy amounts on building business infrastructure, buying hardware and software tools, maintaining staff requirements, monthly expenditures and much more.

• Customers get a degraded response

This is one of the biggest myth about call center services! Saying customers would be directed to a wrong thought is incorrect, as all the calls that agents take of the business customers are recorded and thus, there is no chance of agents manipulating the customers.

Hearing to call recordings business owners are assured over best quality to customers. Moreover, creating surveys and asking clients over different social media channels about the business service can also help.

• Data breach issues are common with outsourcing

It is true that outsourcing your business functions, you have to share business’ personal data with the outsourcing partner, however, it will always occur as a data threat for your company is not true. The BPO outsourcing firm knows the importance of data of a company and will sign a confidential bond for its safety. This is why there is no stressing over the myth that your business data will not be safe with call center outsourcing services.

• Outsourcing means offshore!

Outsourcing the business service can be to any partner irrespective of onshore or offshore. However, it is advisable to have an onshore partner so that business does not face language and time clashes.

Getting an offshore partner is not good every time and even onshore partners can help your business excel tremendously.

Updated 06-May-2019

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