How to Improve Irrigation System of Your Own Garden?

Garden is something that purifies your mind after a long hectic day. When you are entering your home, a garden in front of your house with lively plants and beautiful flowers may give you some fresh Oxygen to inhale. It acts as a natural purifier of air and sometimes the fragrance of the flowers will make your home, a sweet home.

But what if, the garden is dry; the plants are suffering from scarcity of water as the sun is taking up the available water in the soil? Mood shifting garden will shift your mind from good to bad if the plants suffer from water scarcity. Watering regularly is a necessity of the homegrown plants and the garden owner needs to improve the irrigation system of the garden to improve the quality of plant lives and flower color, fragrance.

Some simple changes in the irrigation system of a garden can change the overall efficiency of the system. Some changes may require expert hands as the upgrading works are a bit technical whereas some changes can be done by the garden owner himself.

Let us discuss how to upgrade your irrigation system easily.

Manual vs Automatic Irrigation

You can irrigate the plants manually or automatically. The manual system requires time and the system is not efficient. As we often busy in our daily tasks often we forget to irrigate the poor plants in front of the house!! Thanks to the technology that evolved and ensured the efficiency of irrigation. Yes, there is some automatic irrigation system like sprinkler irrigation that can water the plants periodically. You can set the time when to irrigate and how much water to pour. Installing an automatic irrigation system will improve the watering efficiency and thus your lovely plants will glow with colorful leaves and flowers.

Sensors vs. no-Sensors

Some sprinkler system comes without having any sensors. These are not good if you are a busy person. Because every time you need to press buttons to make it on or off. I would recommend rather opting for having the sensors one. Having sensors will understand the need of the plants and thus will water them without even let you know. Installing sensors will improve the overall efficiency of irrigation but it needs technical attention sometimes.

Change Watering Cycles

Changing watering cycles can improve the efficiency of irrigation in your garden. For example, if you water early in the morning, the water gets much time to percolate into the soil before they get evaporated. So try to water your beautiful plants early in the morning or late evening.

Watering your home garden is important. I am sure you love your garden plants and flowers and you do not want to let them dry off. So, take good care of them by upgrading your irrigation system, improving the manuring cycle, taking out weeds and changing the watering cycles. Love your plants and enjoy the beauty f nature growing in front of your house.

Last updated:9/25/2019 2:27:06 AM
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