Searching for the right candidate for the right position is harder than ever. Thanks to HR technology, it's easier than ever to take on this important quest. Shifting through a sea of resumes can be exhausting, especially if none of those resumes have what you're looking for. HR technology makes it easier to find the candidate you're looking for because it allows you to attract and engage with the right candidates. 

Here are six ways the following HR trends are changing the recruiting process in almost every industry.

Global Talent Pool

Staff turnover is often a big problem in many industries. The workforce is filled with young adults who are getting a taste of their first full-time job. The majority of this generation is are still in college and are starting a career with a different employer by the time they graduate. High turnover can cause long-term problems if your HR departments are not working efficiently.

The recruitment process needs to be quicker and more effective but how? HR departments that make use of social media sites such as LinkedIn will have access to a global talent pool. Social media plays an important role when it comes to attracting a younger audience. It's important to come up with an online recruitment solution that utilizes social media integration that can save hours recruiting and hiring talent. 

Online Onboarding Process

Onboarding can become a mundane task. Looker for a younger talent pool is something that your company isn't accustomed tool. Creating an engaging online onboarding process can help you save time and money. It's important to provide a company introduction, complete the necessary paperwork, and allow the new employee to meet their team and receive basic training before the employee gets started with the online onboarding process. 

Traditional onboarding and training can take 4 hours per new employee. With this new online process, your HR department can reduce the time and cost it takes to hire new employees. 

Optimal Rosters With Mobile Technology 

Making sure that your organization is running smoothly without overstaffing can be a cumbersome process. For most industries, managers don't have the time to come up with cost-effective solutions and coordinating schedules. They need to improve optimal rosters and provide access to them from anywhere. 

The increased use of mobile technology has replaced the traditional desktop computer. Most organizations are moving towards mobile technology. Allow your employees the ability to accept and request shifts and view their work schedules on their mobile phone or smartwatch allows your HR department to move as quickly as the industry itself. For example, it could take a matter of minutes to ask an employee to fill a shift and for one employee to change their shifts. 

Payroll Integration 

Payroll integration makes life easier for your employees. You don't even need to be a brainiac to make this happen. Onboarding, recruiting, and rostering can are all linked to your payroll operations. Choosing one solution to complete these tasks can help streamline the process, increase profit margins, and allow you to focus on the work that matters. 

Shorter Job Postings 

Twitter is the new way to write job postings. Thanks to mobile technology and breaking news alerts, people have shorter attention spans. People want their information in as little information as possible. The same goes for job openings. 

It may be challenging for your HR department to transform your job postings into bite-sized job descriptions. But if you don't embrace this new method, you'll miss out on potential candidates since you're not grabbing their attention right away. Consider Twitter's character length when crafting your job postings and notice the increase in attention from younger job applicants. 

Online Reviews 

Organizations are as much pressure as job applicants. Job seekers are now taking the time to research companies before submitting an application. It's important for your organization to pay attention to its online presence. Include more details when posting available jobs and writing your company's profile. Give an in-depth look at your entire company. Explain why your employees love working for you, and what makes you a great company to work for. 

Embracing these new HR technologies is an art in itself. Each of these technologies can help you blend art and science, making it easier than ever to find the right candidate. Increasing your online presence by using the above practices and brainstorming other industry experts can help improve your recruiting plan.

  Modified On Apr-30-2019 03:37:19 AM

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