Creating Crystal Report in C#.Net

Here I am trying to explain you how to create Crystal Report in .net using Visual Studio 2010

Step 1: Open Visual Studio and create new project by clicking File->New->Project.

Step 2: Right click on project name and click Add->New Item… in Solution Explorer.

Creating Crystal Report in C#.Net

Add Crystal Report in your application by clicking button ‘Add’

Creating Crystal Report in C#.Net

 Step 3: Now Crystal Report Gallery is appearing where you can select types of Crystal Report.

Creating Crystal Report in C#.Net

In ‘Crystal Report Gallery’ you can see that Crystal Report can be created with three different types. Those are…

Using Report Wizard: Report Wizards guides you through the report creation process and adds your choices to the Crystal Report Designer.  You can use Report Wizards when you want to select report data in tabular or matrix form. When you select ‘Using the Report wizard’ then following Reports Expert will be highlighted. Here Report Expert is nothing but a predefined format to display data on report.

  1.   ‘Using the Report Wizard’ with ‘Standard’ Report Expert
  2.  ‘Using the Report Wizard’ with ‘Cross-Tab’ Report Expert
  3.   ‘Using the Report Wizard’ with ‘Mail Label’ Report Expert

AS a Blank Report:  When you select ‘As a Blank Report’ then it opens Report Designer which has no information about data or layout. You can choose a blank report when you want to have a full control on the layout and data of the report.

From an Existing Report:When “from an Existing Report” option is selected, then new report created will have the same layout as the selected one.

Now you can choose any of the above option to create your report.


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