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Article element in HTML5

In HTML5 <article> tag is used to show content, content can be blog, forum, newspaper etc. Article tag represents an independent section of page. The article tag specifies independent, self contained content.  This is a new tag in html5. In this example I will show you that how we can use <article> tag in html page.

    <title>HTML5 Article Tag Demonstration.</title>
        This is a demo of Article tag in html5
    <article> <!--here using article tag to-->
         <h2>Article Tag Example Link 1</h2>
         Click to
        <a href="">       MindStick
       get more details
     <p>In HTML5 <article> tag is use for to show external page content, content can be blog,<br />
     form, newspaper etc.Article tag represent an independent section of page.    <br />
     In this exampleI will show how we can use <article> tag in html page.</p>
    <h2>Article Tag Example Link 2</h2>
       Click to<a href=""> Google </a>get details
       <p>Article tag is use for to show external page content,page can be    forum,newspaper etc.

Article element in HTML5



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