If you are living in Pakistan or in a country where Urdu is the language of the people than you need to see this article because in this article I am going to tell you about the 5 best Urdu news websites from where you will be able to get the all-news about every category.

BBC Urdu

BBC Urdu is one of the most popular news websites in Pakistan. This channel is from western country which is England. But still this channel has the Urdu channel for the people of Pakistan. There are many type of news from International and local pleas. You can get the news about everything. You should know that, mostly the news would be from England in this channel because it is from there but it will be in Urdu language. You can see the news of this channel on the websites too. You can see multiple categories divided according to news and will be able to get the detail about that on the website in Urdu language.


Express news has the dedicate website from where you can read or see the Urdu news of different category. This channel is from Pakistan so the news would be from here and some other news would be from International countries. Love to read the Urdu news from Pakistan then this is very good website you can go towards.

Geo News Urdu

Geo News is the first channel which came in Pakistan and this is the Urdu news channel. Because of being in this field from a long time and also saying that website for the news is very popular then giving us the website from where you can read the news in Urdu language.

Daily Pakistan

You could call this channel one of the my favorites in Pakistan because this website is going to give you different news about different categories and it win give you the information which will help you out, other channels have the websites in this regard but the daily Pakistan website is one of the best in this field. You can search about any topic or any category on this website and you will be able to see the news in detail about the thing you are looking for.


Wazeh Rahe is one of the popular websites in Pakistan for news in Urdu language. They also have the Facebook page from where you will be able to see the Urdu news in different categories which will attract you. If you want to see the news in Urdu language especially about politics send this channel is going to give you the things about that. They are dedicated website for news in Urdu language is very good and much updated. You just need to write the website name in the Google search engine and it will appear to you on the top. You will be able to search every news especially about politics and sports.

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