Tips to Run Cables Into An Industrial Computer Enclosure

Plenty of planning goes to build a system that protects computer hardware and any type of peripherals. During the building phase of the industrial computer enclosure, a common question arises by many of the end-users is how to power electronics inside a sealed enclosure. And that too when there is almost no place for the computer cables.

Stated as ‘fully-sealed’, waterproof units are the industrial computer enclosures with an industry standard rating of IP56. They do not include a traditional split panel to feed additional cables into the enclosure.

Most enclosure system comes with a fit cable entry gland with a maintained seal. They come with a clean, safe entry point to cable and reach the computer equipment.

When you are in the market for an industrial computer enclosure, there are many types of cable glands available that suit specific enclosure applications.

But before finalizing any one for your project, keep these five things in mind to feed cables into the unit. 

Point of Entry

In a scenario, where particularly water is present, it is wise to insert cables into enclosures from the below side if the system is wall-mounted. But for the modular and freestanding system, you can insert cables from the downward direction. Because if you keep feeding wires from the above direction, it will lead to water penetration where droplets flow down on the cables.

Cable Diameters

The type of cable gland needed for your enclosure application is totally dependent on the width of the wiring you want to set into the unit. Sealed cables glands are available in various sizes for different cable diameters. For example, formats ranging from 0.3' ~ 1.5' to pass through the same gland exist that allow several wires.

These glands are manufactured in various materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Steel

To decide that ideal cable gland configuration for your type of enclosure application, you would need to consult an enclosure expert.

Open Version Cable Glands

They are an ideal solution for industrial computer enclosures. Particularly for pre-terminated cables, it can be a challenge to find the right cable gland. Because the end of the plug would be significantly larger than the cable width.

Thus, choose computer cables glands which are permeable. It allows for quick installation of pre-terminated cables with already attached connectors. This can happen when you cut the disruption to the operational function of your computer system.

System Changes and Upgrades

We would recommend you to choose a flexible cable gland keeping in mind the future system changes and upgrades. Technology is a dynamic domain. It will be changing constantly and continue to develop at an accelerated rate. On the contrary, the computer enclosure will last for years. Mostly, you will be facing a situation where you are replacing the computer hardware a few times till your manufacturing facility needs a new enclosure.

Keeping that in a loop, investing for a flexible gland configuration will let you easily repair systems, replace or upgrade them. When looking for computer adapters and cables make sure you consult with the enclosure expert to discuss the important things related to it.


In this golden age of computers are used across industrial facilities, the cables can cause hazards. Therefore, safety is a paramount feature on the manufacturing floor. Asses the positions of your enclosure, resolve the concealment of cables in a safer way prior to the installation.

Operational performance and reliability are central points of an enclosure installation. If you haven’t planned properly you would have to compromise cable entry and the protection of your computer hardware in the wet and humid environments. Because if you haven’t planned the necessary precautions, then water will definitely find the way in.

Wrapping it up:

It is important to follow important steps while looking for computer adapters and cables for your computer enclosure. As mentioned above if you follow the correct practices and take necessary precautions, you can keep your computer enclosure safe. You can prevent any hazardous damage and can plug your devices rightly whenever needed!

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