How to Get the Best Cell Phone for Your Budget

How to Get the Best Cell Phone for Your BudgetIf you are like many consumers, you want to get the best deal possible on things you need. Your smartphone should be no exception. While many devices on the market today come with hefty price tags, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg. You can find the best cell phone prices by using a few savvy tips.

Look to Your Carrier for Deals

All of the major wireless carriers offer deals on occasion whether for a holiday or even when a device is only a few months old. While many of these offers are available to new customers switching from another carrier, it’s important to remember that carriers want to keep their longtime customers happy as well so that they stick with them. Look on the company’s website to scope out phones you’re interested in and take note of the prices. Some will be cheap and fit into your budget.

Choose a Smaller Phone with Less Storage

More smartphones than ever are equipped with extensive internal storage. For example, two of the three newest iPhones, the XS and XS Max, can be purchased with as much as 512GB of storage. The phones are not cheap by any means, in general, but the 64GB model is the cheapest and can save you a few bucks. Additionally, using the iPhone example further, instead of buying the larger version, the XS Max, you can save a bit of money by choosing the smaller XS instead.

Consider an Older Phone

Another way to find the best prices on phones is to consider buying an older device. Many of the wireless carriers still offer last year’s model or even the model that was brand new two years ago. If you don’t absolutely need the latest and greatest, you can get a phone that’s a year old get it for a great low price. It is well worth the investment as last year’s model is still just as relevant and will work just as well as the newest release.

Trade in Your Old Phone

You can save as much as $300 on a brand new smartphone through your wireless carrier when you trade in your old phone. If the old device is in good condition and is not several years old, you will receive a credit on your account that can enable you to snag a new smartphone for a lower price. For instance, if you want one of the new iPhones and hand in the previous year’s model in excellent condition, you can save at least a couple of hundred dollars toward that new device.

Buy a Pre-Owned or Refurbished Phone

If you don’t absolutely need a brand new smartphone and you want to spend a nice price, consider buying a pre-owned or refurbished phone. Many legitimate sellers, such as eBay and Gazelle, sell pre-owned and refurbished phones that are in great condition for reasonable prices. You can really get a great bargain by opting for a pre-owned or refurbished device. Of course, you should always make sure the smartphone you are considering buying is either unlocked so you can use it on the carrier of your choice or compatible with your carrier.

Research the Best Cheap Phones

You can also research the best cheap phones online. This will give you a better idea of what’s out there and how much you can expect to pay. You can get details of the features these smartphones include, such as built-in apps, mobile security, internal storage and SD card compatibility and so much more. You can then make an educated purchase whether you buy the phone of your choice online or in-store.

These are crucial tips to follow when you are shopping for a new phone on a budget. You will be able to save a considerable amount of money and will be happier for it.

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