5 Must-Have Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

When we talk about successful entrepreneurs, our mind automatically goes to names like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Bronson, or any of the other self-made billionaires. The truth is that these people are either incredibly smart or ridiculously lucky (see Kylie Jenner). You don’t have to be a billionaire to be considered a successful entrepreneur, although that would certainly help your case. While aiming for the starts is nice, in reality, you might want to keep your goals a bit more achievable and your expectations lower. Setting the bar too high can be dangerous, so focus on smaller goals at first. Let’s make a million first before gunning for a billion. Here are some traits you need to have in order to get there and stay productive and successful


Having a passion for what you do is a must if you aim to be successful. It is a passion that will give you the strength to work long hours and push on after many would call it a day and go home. The passion will give you the edge you need to stay afloat in the brutal world of business. The most important thing to remember is that passion is rarely about money. It is solely about the achievement, about making your mark in the world and if you are not ready to spill a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, then perhaps being an entrepreneur isn’t for you.

Strong Work Ethic

Even all the passion in the world isn’t a substitute for a strong work ethic. First in the office and the last one out is more than a phrase for many successful entrepreneurs, it is their daily reality. There will be a time when you can relax and let someone else shoulder the load, but if you are reading articles on how to become successful, you are still a long way from that time. In the beginning, there is only you and what you are ready to do to make your dream come true.

Have A Plan

5 Must-Have Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

A general plan on how do you want to get from where you are to where you are going is another must. Banging around hoping that Lady Luck won’t get you very far either in life nor in business. Just like having a sound option strategy while trading on a market, you need one when trying to create a successful company built by your own two hands. Of course, having a plan is just a part of the deal. The ability and the will to execute it is perhaps even more important. Remember the old saying:” The best-laid plans of mice and men…”.


Flexibility is what comes after your plan meets the reality, or as Mike Tyson wisely puts it:” Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” The world around you won’t conform to your plans, but your plans are most of the time perfectly capable of confirming the world if you are flexible enough to react and adapt to the new circumstances. It takes a lot to admit that your plan isn’t working and that you need a different one, but sometimes, retreating and regrouping is the only way forward.

Readiness To Learn

There will never be a time in your career that you will be able to say that you know everything there is to know about your field. The pace of technological advancement is so fast that people who are just getting out of college are forced to learn new techniques and ideas that have been developed while they were in school. This is the reality of our world and the sooner you accept the fact, the better. Always be on the lookout for new findings in your field. You never know when the next big thing is going to come and you need to stay on your toes if you want to be a part of it.

5 Must-Have Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, just like not everyone can be a teacher, or doctor, or a policeman. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and we need to know them intimately. Sometimes, the best way to discover whether you have what it takes is to just go out and do it, but even if you fail, don’t be too hard on yourself. Perhaps it was just bad luck or entrepreneurship isn’t your cup of tea. Either way, tomorrow is another day and you get to start over.

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