How Is It Advantageous To Use Wikipedia Sister Projects For Marketing?

Most businesses are opting to have a Wikipedia page for their businesses as it provides many advantages such as boost their online visibility and reputation. However, these businesses are not aware of Wikipedia’s sister projects and their advantages as a marketing tool. They are unfamiliar with about the organizational structure of Wikimedia. However, taking the advice of a Wikipedia page creator, they will always advise you to take advantage of Wikimedia to boost your online presence.

Wikimedia is a non-profit organization and consist of various projects that you can consider for your marketing strategy. For example, you can use Wikidata for marketing as Google considers Wikimedia to be an authority site. However, it is necessary for your business to have a Wikipedia page before using Wikidata for marketing.

Other than Wikidata, you can also use Wikimedia Commons for branding. Wikimedia Commons is a collection of free content including images and others not restricted by any copyright restrictions. Using Wikimedia commons can provide you easy branding of the company by simply getting images upfront in the search engines.

Wikimedia is one of those websites where the audience usually searches for images to incorporate in the articles or report. For example, a student researching Wikimedia commons for a picture of a thermostat and an image of your brand appears, it will automatically increase your brand recognition in the eyes of the potential audience.

So if you haven’t considered Wikimedia organization as a part of your content marketing strategy, it is high time to use Wikipedia and its sister projects to gain the trust of the audience. It can boost your online presence and increase lead generation for your business. However, it is important to understand the obligations and conditions of using Wikipedia as a marketing strategy.

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