Most of us make purchase decision solely on the basis of emotional whim! Right? There is a common human tendency of buying stuff based on emotional factors and at times people get used to this practice. Buyers get clothes considering that it will make them look attractive, buy movie tickets to escape the reality for almost 120 minutes – even the morning latte has got some connections to emotion.

Quoting the words of Zig Ziglar –

People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.”

Emotions have great emotions in making the purchasing decision of the buyers. In case businesses make efforts to tap into this emotional motivation in the target customers, it will become easy to create a copy that will make people irresistible for more.

Let’s check out some of the secrets that every freelance copywriter UK or in some other places should try to create a unique piece of copy.

• Identify the Biggest Fear or Desire of the Customer
Experts have derived some of the most powerful emotional triggers as anger, fear, love, trust and curiosity. So, the first and the foremost step in order to create a compelling copy would be to analyze the problem or the desire that forms the basis of the message.

In most of the cases, copywriters create a copy in the advertisement that does not have anything to do with what it was actually selling. It focuses on the emotions that are extremely close to the heart of the buyer and offer the product as a solution.

Key Note - Building a copy around the emotional message would do the trick for the business, and it would be even more appealing.

• Always Start with a Ground
There is no harm in allowing the prospect or target audience knows that the copywriter is also on the same board. The story of “I’ve been there” seems extremely appealing and successful also.

Although the notion suits best with the overall style and brand, it is still important to create a common ground with the target audience. Till the moment there is no understanding of the fact how the buyers are going through in their mind, they will never trust a service provider for a valid solution.

Key NotePowerful copy has been successful in building a connection always.

• Develop the Problem and Show them the Possibilities
The visitors might be already aware of the problem and looking forward to the resolution. But in most of the cases what they don’t is about the facts that are holding them back or causing the friction. This is the time to draw on the fear or obstacles and show them how it could affect their lives adversely.

Always come up with a picture of life once the problem is solved. It is the stage to show how the offerings have emerged as their saviour by answering to the questions like –

  • Why is the brand can work as the best option for them?
  •   How will the brand help them and why they should choose them?

    Key NoteBusinesses have to be with the buyers even after they make the purchase. In other words, have scope for after-sales service.

    Another crucial that full-time or freelance creative copywriter of a firm should keep in mind while creating a copy is to deal with the logic part efficiently.  Backing up with emotion message with logical selling will lead the brand to be in a better position to seal the deal.
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