Everything You Need To Know About The Labradoodles For Adoption In Oregon

It is an extremely sociable dog, playful, natural, sensitive, intelligent and empathetic, all qualities that make its integration into the home an experience that nobody should miss. For this reason, they are not dogs that respond to the archaic concept of a dog that is always outside the house, in the yard, in the background, in a shop when there is no one, or that spends many hours alone. Australian Labradoodles is not a guard dog nor the ideal for homes of people who are not around all day.

Are your Australian Labradoodles for adoption tested and controlled medically?

Yes, strong norms regarding the health of the reproducers are imposed for this breed. The dogs are tested based in the USA. Cardiological controls rule out hereditary pathologies. Ophthalmological evaluates cataracts or retinal diseases, and genetic tests against the diseases that can affect the race, such as Von Willebrand's disease, progressive retinal atrophy, degenerative myelopathy, exercise-induced collapse, and hyperuricosuria. These dogs are free of all of them. Also, they are tested for their thyroid, renal, and liver functions, being healthy in all evaluations.

Is it true that they do not lose hair or cause allergies?

True! The characteristic known in English as a non-shedding dog is practically fixed in the Australian Labradoodles. As for not producing allergies, it is right for most specimens. As always in the human being, there will be appropriate reactions that come out of the foreseeable, but in its vast majority, neither the hair nor the saliva of the Australian Labradoodles generates allergies in people. It was one of the pillars sought to form the race.

Do they need a lot of maintenance, exercise, hairdressing?

Before delving into this point, it is essential that whoever adopts an Australian Labradoodle puppy understands that even with all possible education, it is a puppy. Puppies play and do not always play with what they should play, and sometimes they break things from the house, sometimes a plant, and sometimes they make a hole where they should not. And they do not always come running to the bathroom. It is idyllic to think and expect anything else from any puppy of any race whatsoever.

Nor should we lose sight of the fact that, given the life expectancy, we are assuming a commitment for an average of 12-13 years. In the specific case of our Doodles, yes, they need exercise, daily. Up to 18 months of average life since the Osteoarticular system is information, with which intense practices and stairs should be avoided, but they do need to enjoy the outdoors. As for the coat does not give the job that one would expect for how beautiful it is. A brushing at home, which does not necessarily have to be daily, will depend on the length of the hair, and a monthly visit to the hairdresser will solve the problem. As for the veterinarian, his vaccines and annual controls should not be forgotten.

Labradoodle vs. Australian Labradoodle vs. Cobberdog. Who is who? Is there a race standard? Is it recognized as such?

A Labradoodle is the mestizo resulting from the direct cross between the Labrador and the Poodle, as such it is evident in the litters little uniformity in the physical and temperamental characteristics between the different individuals, and in turn for being a direct mestizo, when reproducing them, their offspring will 50% tend to return to the original races.

The Australian Labradoodle is a breed, without doubts. According to the definition of race, the characteristics of the individuals are transmitted uniformly from one generation to the next, which happens thanks to a rigorous selection process carried out over many years, by which it has been possible to fix specific genes that give it the identity of such to the Australian Labradoodles. That is to say, and the children are similar to their parents. And at the same time, their children will be identical to them.

The Cobberdog merely is a selected line within the race, not a race in itself, like so many other lines that have searched for one or another particular characteristic.

Institutionally, to this day, the Australian Labradoodle thanks to the way travel, is in the search to be registered as a race in different Federations. Currently, the American associations are doing all the work possible, in the neatest way that can be done to get the American Kennel Club to recognize it as a race. Analogously, the Federation of Cynology of our country does not know it either. Therefore, the effort of the breeders to maintain the controls on the reproductive nuclei; because it is a race that is still in dynamic development, the misuse or indiscriminate use of them could throw down decades of work.

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