The PMP (project management professional) certificate is a costly affair, and many times people whose objective is to achieve that goal question themselves is it worth all the trouble. They question whether they should go through this painstakingly crafted difficult examination that instills fear in the hearts of all the aspirants. To provide you with the best possible solution the cons of taking this examination is also mentioned in the list below along with the pros. Go through them and make a sound choice; it's may be as well that you have what it takes to cross this insurmountable barrier.

Is getting a PMP certificate your cup of tea?

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Positive factors

  • Let your resume shine brighter : Even one extra line in your resume can bring you one step closer to your dream job. This certificate will help you land the position of the project manager as many employees look for people who have the proper credentials. Always remember that the number of qualifications you have the better it is in an interview. 
  • Proof of prior experience: When you are going through the process of obtaining your degree in PMP, you will be required to do hands-on work as a part of your curriculum. You will gain a certain amount of knowledge on how to lead and manage projects. This will also give you better credibility as you build up your contacts and look for jobs.
  • Get a bigger salary: Project managers who do not have a PMP certificate get significantly less salary than the one who has completed this degree. The examination may seem like a significant expenditure, but it is beneficial in the long run as returns will be more. If you invest now and get more salary later, it is a better deal any day.
  • Get better networking opportunities and lead to better job opportunities: A person who has achieved a PMP certificate will automatically be connected to others who have had the same privilege. This gives them insight and connects them to provide a platform to discuss Project Management Theory. This furthers their knowledge and becomes the tool for them to get hold of new jobs as they consider possible job opportunities that may be available in their fields. Such meetings are especially vital for those who are looking for something new and developing their skills.
  • Shows your commitment to the profession of project manager: Even if people who have a certification may not want to spend the rest of the lives in the role of a project manager, still the certificate ensures that people who will go through that portfolios will understand that they are invested in the path to become a successful project manager. It shows that they have worked hard to be on the road that will lead them to land the job we are looking for when they sit for the interviews. It shows that day understand the significance of getting a PMP certificate that will help them for their career.  

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Negative factors 

  • High-priced certification course: If you can become a project manager before going through the process, then it may be that your company will pay for the certification course. Check your options carefully if you do not want to invest at once.
  • The examination process is complicated and tedious: Being highly time-consuming, this may not be for everyone.
  • Difficult to keep the certificate active: If getting 60 PDUs for three years sounds like a nightmare, this is not for you. It will cost more time and money.  

Weigh all your options carefully before choosing your path. Do not jump to a conclusion. Take it slowly. You may not be able to figure out what might work for you. Hopefully, these points will guide you to take a better decision as to what you want to do, remember there is no wrong option. Pick the one that will suit your personal needs the best. 

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