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REVIEW – Linksys Range Extender AC1200

This time we bring you the review of a Wi-Fi signal repeater (extender) Wi-Fi signal Linksys brand, one of the most prestigious as far as networking equipment is concerned. 

For those who are not aware of the brand, let us tell you that it is one of the pioneers of wireless connectivity since it was founded in 1988. Its market focus is on solutions for home and small business. Among its main products we have broadband routers , modems, VoIP equipment, network storage systems, surveillance systems, and wireless extenders.

The product that we will review - LINKSYS EXTENDER RE6700 is compatible with the 802.11ac standard, but what does this standard refer to?

There are three main signal transfer standards - 802.11b / g standards work in a 2.4GHz band and 802.11a / ac that work in the 5GHz band. The third one is the 802.11n side can work in both bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz). Apart from the band differences, the other difference is in data transmission speeds of these bands. The 802.11n with MIMO (Multiple-Input / Multiple-Output) has the highest data transmission rate.

Coming to the standard of our extender – 802.11ac, it has a type of MIMO system called beam-forming that helps the WiFi signal to overcome obstacles and find the best way to get to the client of the wireless network, which maximizes the reach of the WiFi signal and the integrity of the data .

Another advantage of using the 5GHz (802.11ac) band in our home is that we will not have to deal with the interference caused by wireless phones, microwave ovens, cell phones and other wireless devices we have since they work in the 2.4GHz band.  

                    Main characteristics of LINKSYS RANGE EXTENDER RE6700 

The main characteristics of the Linksys Range Extender RE6700 includes:

  • Omni -Compatible: Compatible with any router, so we will not have to buy a new one if we do not want it.
  • Cross-Band Technology: It has the cross-band technology, which maximizes the simultaneous use of both bands.
  • Dual - Band Support: This wireless extender support Dual band 2.4 & 5.0 GHz.
  • Wi-Fi Audio Compatible: Wi-Fi audio, listen to the music from your mobile device on the speakers that you can connect to the Wi-Fi extender.
  • Beamforming Technology: It centers the wireless signal to each of the devices for better performance, once you are done with Linksys Extender Setup.

The RE6700 connects directly to a wall socket so that in front of this one another plug is included so as not to lose the one that is being occupied. 

                                                            Hardware Specification:  

The hardware specification of any gadget includes the hardware part – buttons, Antennas, ports or any thing.

From its right side we find 2 buttons:

 WPS, which allows us to easily connect any wireless device without the need to enter the password. And other is the Reset, returns the signal extender to its factory (default) settings.

Coming to the bottom:

At the bottom we have an audio jack to connect speakers in which we can play the music of our mobile device. And on the bottom right we have an Ethernet connector to connect directly any gadget such as our game console, PC, Bluray or any another device that can connect via the cable.

It has two antennas that we can guide in almost any way we want, and it will depend on the location of the extender and the devices that will connect to Linksys Extender in which way each of the antennas is placed.

                                              Configuration Process of the Extender

To start with the configuration of the extender we will start by connecting it to a power outlet and then entering from our mobile device to the address (online setup portal) .

  • When entering the first thing we will see will be the license agreement that we must accept to continue with the installation.
  • While accepting the agreement will show us another screen in which it asks us to select the wireless network to which we want to connect.
  • Once selected the network we will see the usefulness of the 'Spot Finder'. It will help us to find the best place for our extension and in this same screen we will have to introduce the key of the network to which we are going to connect.
  • When we have finished with the 2.4GHz network you will be asked to select the 5GHz network, in case of not having a network in that frequency available we can skip this step.

As any wireless device is susceptible to being attacked by those who like to hang on to other people's networks, that is why during the initial configuration of the RE6700 you will be asked to enter assign an administrator password so that only you can put hand on the device using the Linksys Extender Login portal.


In general and overall consideration, our experience was very good when using the Linksys model RE6700 extender and we highly recommend it for use in the home or in small offices when we have coverage problems or interference by other devices that use the 2.4GHz band. is your one-stop assistance provider for all the issues related to setup, installation or configuration of the Linksys WiFi extenders. Get live assistance from experts via chat or directly on phone using our toll-free (1-866-808-4180).

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