Skills that matter- Hadoop

The world around us is changing. Traditional approaches of doing business are giving way to modern methods. Most of the transactions that take place today are over the internet and ecommerce has slowly risen to prominence. The global market share of ecommerce in 2018 was $2.8 trillion and it is expected to rise to around $4.9 trillion.

Moreover, the major economies like Malaysia and India are constantly moving towards fully digital ecosystem. One of the reasons behind such a transformation is that we have been able to rapidly develop in the field of digital technology. Today we create around 2.5 quintillions of data every day and if carefully analyzed this data can provide meaningful insights which can be leveraged to help business and perform better. 

The buzzword- Big data 

This is the world of big data analytics where analysts today need to collect, store and process petabytes of data. Thus, traditional methods of collecting business intelligence has given way to state of the art technologies which are dedicated to handle large volumes of data across multiple platforms and helps analysts to process and curate such massive volumes. 

In such an atmosphere, today data analysts need to update their skill base and aspirants of data science needs to possess the relevant skills in order to secure that dream job. Knowledge of computational frameworks is perhaps the most important requirement for anyone aiming to make it big in the world of analytics. And among them Hadoop deserves a special mention because of its immense popularity and demand in the job market. Indeed a Hadoop certification ensures a secure future for any aspirant in the field of big data analytics. 

Skills that matter- Hadoop

The prominence of Hadoop! 

With its introduction Hadoop came roaring into the market as a one stop solution for any big data problem. Under its network thousands of machines can work simultaneously and the library is so designed that failures are automatically detected and rectified. With a CAGR of 58.2% Hadoop currently has a market of $50.24 Billion around the globe. The four main modules of Hadoop – Hadoop common, YARN, Mapreduce and HDFS are interwoven together in a brilliant way making it very successful.  

Some of the advantages of Hadoop are:- 

Skills that matter- Hadoop

  • Data reliability is very high. 

Hadoop is designed in such a way that it is efficiently able to store and deliver data even when components fail. 

  • Very low cost. 

Licensing and support cost is nonexistent as Hadoop is an open source software.  

  • Extremely high bandwidth 

Big data workloads demand tasks to be finished fast and computations done very quickly. And the Hadoop HDFS can deliver data at the speed of 2GB/sec per computer into the map reduce layer thereby making the overall task fast enough. 

Job scenario! 

Owing to its high popularity companies look for professionals with knowledge of Hadoop. From startups to giants every one use Hadoop and a Hadoop certification is no doubt very important for individuals hoping to make a career in big data analytics.

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