The culture of home attendants in the world is increasing with each passing day. Hiring a home attendant for yourself or any member of the family is surely a good move as it makes sure that the home attendants take good care of the person in need, especially in all the cases when such person is home-bound. A good home patient attendant always makes sure that a person in need is well taken care of. 

What are Roles and Responsibilities of Home Patient Attendant?

Having the help and presence of a home attendant could surely mark a difference in between the lonely life of the patient, consequently to give him a more comfortable and secure life. 

What Do the home Attendants Do? 

A home patient attendant ensures that you lead an easy life at home during all the times when you are not in a good health. Thus, a home attendant helps you with all your day to day chores, medication as well as all your errands. Apart from this, a home attendant also serves as a platonic companion for you on all the occasions when you need someone to fall back on. 

It is the job of a home attended to aid you in seeing the silver lining when all kinds of issues such as your bad health or your age let you down. It is also the job of a home attended to make sure that you live in an environment which is safe and caring. 

Following are considered as the important responsibilities and the duties of the home care attendant: 

1. Basic Medical Care: Providing basic medical care is one of the important tasks that a home attendant do. An attendant makes sure to administer oral or topical medications to the patient, as directed by the nurse or physician. Furthermore, they also change the dressings and check vital signs or assist with all kinds of respirators or prosthetics. 

2. Assist in Personal Grooming: A home attendant assists his patient during all the times of personal grooming. Personal grooming of the patient includes his dental hygiene, bathing, use of bedpans, disposal of bedpans, etc. An attendant also helps the patient to dress him, groom his hair, cut his nails, and apply cosmetics. 

3. Aid with Mobility: Mobility is considered to be a major issue for all patients, especially for the elderly. A home attendant for elderly in Delhi makes sure to assist his patient with mobility. A home attendant is trained to assist all his patients in using walkers and canes. A home attendant also assists his patients in getting to all kinds of medical appointments as well. 

4. Housekeeping and Meal Preparation: Whether it is light housekeeping or helping with the preparation of the meal, a home attendant always makes sure to aid the patient or his family in all the important tasks. Thus, the chores such as changing the bed linens of the room of the patient and keeping his room clean are the responsibility of a home attendant. 

5. Companionship: A home attendant for elderly in Delhi always makes sure to provide a good company and companionship to the elderly. This is one of the best services that a home attendant performs, especially for the elderly. 

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