5 Effective Tips to Stop Hair Fall and Dandruff

While most people think that the problem of hair fall as a genetic issue, it’s actually a signal that your body is sending to you. Continuous hair fall is a sign that you have some or the other adverse condition inside your bodily systems that needs immediate medical attention.

While we cannot do anything to your internal bodily functions, and seeking medical attention is always suggested. However, including a few healthy habits in your daily life can do wonders. Now let’s focus on tips to stop hair fall and dandruff -

Balanced diet

A balanced diet, which is rich with all the proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, irons and fibre, is always recommended for healthy hair. Foods rich in vitamin A like leafy greens, carrots, and eggs; fish like salmon and mackerel for high omega-3 fatty acids; and seeds and nuts for natural oils and fibre each day in your diet are the building blocks of your hair. Fruits, milk, egg, meat and vegetables are all that you need to encourage blood circulation, cell renewal, and more oxygen to your body which in turn would help in growing healthy hair.

Get rid of bad addictions

Love tea? Or coffee is a must for you? Need a glass of wine or any hard drink before a good night’s sleep? Or do you need to smoke throughout the day to stay in the work mode? Alcohol, caffeine, or smoking impacts the body in all the unhealthy way. However, once you break the bad habit, you are on the way to grow healthy hair. Getting rid of addictions are hard. In that case, it is suggested to seek medical help.

Stay hydrated

Bad addictions make the body dehydrated, which in turn affects the health of the scalp and cause hair fall. Drink more water. If you are forgetful and do not drink sufficient water, take help of the smartphone applications. There are a number of applications available for the phones to track if you are taking enough water, how many calories you are consuming with every meal etc. add fruits like watermelons, cucumber, and berries in your diet for staying hydrated so that lesser water intake does not harm.

Work out

Spending half an hour exercising help clean the internal toxins, hence you open up the pores, improve blood circulation, and you stay healthy inside out. As hair loss is a result of stress and tension, exercising, yoga, and meditation help reduce that too, helping grow healthy hair, and lesser hair fall.

With these, massaging, applying hair pack and hot oil usage help significantly in reducing hair fall. Using shampoos like ketomac fights with dandruff causing germs, and cleans the scalp gently, leaving lesser chances of hair fall.

With these, being a little kind to the hair always helps. Applying natural ingredients like aloevera, coconut oil, henna, amla, essential oil, garlic juice, onion juice or ginger juice etc are effective. These contain antioxidants which prevents the hair from damage caused by chemical and styling product.

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