The trend of smartphones is on the great rise! Apart from communication, these devices are also used in various other tasks such as buying online, playing games, watching movies, listening to music and so on. Users are able to access the information, services and products of the entire world from their little handheld computers. Even the service like TV is now being customized to show up on mobile devices.

How smartphones have changed the way we used to access the web?

Businesses are showing interest in mobile devices. They have discovered that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are slowly turning out to be major market drivers. They know that no more they can now ignore to add mobile application development to their online business marketing strategy.

According to, about 52% of all web traffic is generated via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This figure suggests that a big group of users now do use mobile devices for everything they were earlier using desktop and PC for. According to Smart Insights, 48% of consumers start mobile research with a search engine --but 33% go directly to the site they want as well as apps do account for 89% of all mobile media time, only 11% spent website. There are several other trends that show growing acceptance of smartphone and apps.

Smart phones and apps are nowadays being used by organizations of all the sizes. These organizations, regardless of their size and type, are also confirming that they receive considerable traffic from mobile devices. In today’s time, it is absolutely not difficult to see that more and more visitors, shoppers, onlookers, and observers do prefer mobile devices.

There are limitless researches and reports suggesting that mobile phones are turning authoritative. This also suggested that companies around the world are going mobile. With all realizations, one thing is clear that there is an unlimited landscape of mobile based computing. These days, users are using more web than ever before because earlier they were required to sit close to PC to use the web whereas now, they can do access all the web services and products from their mobile devices, even when they are on-the-go.

Smartphones and mobile app development have contributed a lot in establishing the e-commerce industry. Almost all web based ecommerce stores now have apps. Of course, this trend has also increased the sales of companies. Now customers are able to buy even when they are relaxing in their beds.

Mobile phones have made life quite uncomplicated. Take the examples of accessing mail and social sites before smart devices. We did need to input our user IDs and passwords to access our mail and social profiles. But now things have changed. You never need to log out your mail and other password protected accounts if you are using them from your mobile devices running on Android or iOS. If your device is protected with security features, all your accounts are safe. With dedicated apps, alerts of new mails and new social updates can be managed and seen even without opening the lock screen of the device.

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