A lot of popular brands are using the popular ecommerce platform Magento these days. Apart from the many features that Magento offers, like any other platform it has its own problems like updates, speed, security that can affect the performance of the site and the customer experience associated with the online store.

These issues can affect your business and thus you need to take the necessary security & maintenance steps to make sure the website functions smoothly and safeguards the customer data. There are many consequences that can occur like a financial loss, merchandise loss, damage to your reputation, increased processing fee etc., hence maintenance & support is necessary for your Magento site.

Here are some best practices you can follow for Magento Maintenance and support 

Upgrade Magento site to the newest version available

Industry Best Practices for Magento Maintenance and Support

Magento Upgrade to the newest version is considered as the best practices for maintenance and support which needs to be implemented on a constant basis on the site. The primary benefit to do so is to safeguard your website against hackers. The process is carried out in security patches. Whenever a new Magento version is launched it comes with security patches that comprise of various updates that are used to resolve security issues.

You should always upgrade Magento to the newest version so that your website remains updated. Additional benefits that come with upgrading to newest version are-

  • Mobile friendliness
  • Prompt purchase
  • Enhanced scalability and performance
  • Advanced reporting
  • Enhanced check out procedure
  • Key integrations
  • Email marketing management

In case you do not have enough knowledge or time to upgrade your Magento website make sure you hire Certified Developers who have enough experience in Magento so that you avoid the mistakes that may happen due to lack of knowledge.

Select the right hosting service

Industry Best Practices for Magento Maintenance and Support

Selecting the right hosting service for the Magento site is the best practice you need to consider to have flawless functioning of your site. Check if the hosting service you are planning to hire operates as per the industry standards.

Make sure you determine the store size, system requirement of Magento version, expect the amount of traffic etc. while selecting the right hosting service. Do not just get attracted to cheap hosting services offering poor services with not so friendly staff. Do not compromise on your brand reputation and money to save a few bucks.

Configure your Magento website Cache

In order to enhance and maximize the performance of your Magento site, you need to configure the cache of your site. You can configure the cache is by selecting varnish cache because it performs like a web booster. It is termed as a reverse HTTP proxy. It helps maximize the speed of Magento store by storing a copy of a page in RAM when any users visit your page the very first time.

It also allows you to control the performance and traffic of your website.

Make the server environment secured

It is important to have your Magento servers secure almost always. Make sure that the background has no unnecessary software operating. Use secured communication protocols rather than using FTP to get better control over your files. Use strong keywords that cannot be decoded easily. Make sure you change the passwords frequently. Try to monitor the issues that occur due to Magento on installations, software components or configurations.

Do not make use of different software on your same server with your Magento. It will lead to the revelation of details stored on the Magento system. Do not forget to update all the software applications.

Eliminate test products

Test products are required at the initial stage; once everything is set up you should eliminate them. It is necessary as it can affect the reports and reduce the queries coming from the front end. It also consumes a large space on your disk that will, in turn, reduce the speed of the system to process orders. After deleting the test products you can see the improvement in performance as per Magento SEO, ecommerce SEO packages and speed of the Magento store.

Extensions should be updated

Almost all extensions require regular updates. Hence, check with the extension provider to notify you for essential updates. In case you decide for Magento upgrade to the latest version you need to check if all your extensions are updated to the latest version. At this stage, you also need to update antivirus software. It helps protect the Magento store against the virus, malware, and other suspicious links.

Hire a professional Magento maintenance firm

Industry Best Practices for Magento Maintenance and Support

When it comes to website speed optimization there are many factors that need to be considered. Similarly, for Magento maintenance and support, it can be quite a cumbersome task to deal with for you as you may not have the necessary technical knowledge or may not have enough time to work on it. It includes Magento speed, upgrades, and security.

This is why you need to hire a professional Magento developer to take care of all these aspects.

When you hire a team of expert Magento developers they are skilled enough to carry out the task. They will have a friendly team to carry out the necessary communication. They will update you on each and every process that is carried out by the team. The vast experience that each Magento developers possess makes a difference. They know their job well and know each and everything that can help your Magento store work better for your business.

A professional Magento firm will give utmost importance to security, safe Magento 2 migration and they take sole responsibility for store security. The necessary upgrades are carried out to your Magento site and they make the right decisions in what will work best for your business and what can affect your business negatively. They work with you to maximize the performance of your site by all means.

Apart from the steps carried out to make your Magento site successful they also offer the necessary technical assistance so that you every issue that you face with your Magento store is sorted out on time. They offer round the clock Magento support & maintenance quality service so that the entire process performed becomes comprehensive while keeping you in the process and helping you take the right decisions to generate revenues from your business.

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