List of Most Expensive Trophies in 2019 – Infographic


Trophies are an inevitable part of sports events. It is fascinating that many championships played under the name of its trophy. Many sports clubs and bodies right from local to national and international levels are in search of trophy ideas. Sports fans are curious enough to know something about trophies and awards associated with big events on the planet.

List of Most Expensive Trophies in 2019 – Infographic

The present Infographic may satisfy their thirst by giving astounding info regarding the expensive trophies be it one-time or perpetual, given across the world for a variety of sports type.

FIFA World Cup Trophy

It was introduced first in 1974 for football championship and made from the gold. It means it is for the first place winning team in a football game. It is considering the most expensive trophy in the world of sports, as it is worth $20 million in cost estimation.

Football Association Challenge Cup

It was first introduced in 1871 as English football men’s competitions in an annual knockout event. It is worth of £5000.

Preakness Stakes Trophy

It is a Horse Racing Trophy, and first introduced in 1860 in a horse racing tournament in some States. It made from solid sterling silver and tagged $2.5 million of the price.

BNP Paribas Fortis Diamond Games Trophy

It is a leading Tennis Trophy introduced for professional women’s tennis tournament. In 2008, a new trophy crafted from the gold & diamond. Now, it is worth $1.3 Million.

Indianapolis 500 Trophy

It was first introduced in 1936 for Motor Race Sports. It is famously known as NASCAR Trophy, and with insurance, it is worth of $1.3 Million today.

Stanley Cup Trophy

It was first introduced in 1893 for Ice Hockey Sports Trophy in Canada. It is worth $650,000 today.

Super Bowl Trophy

It is a leading American Football Trophy introduced first in 1967, and worth of $50,000 today. It is also famous for the Vince Lombardy Trophy.

ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy

International Cricket Council (ICC) has first presented the trophy for the winners of Cricket World Cup in 1975. It is made from gold and silver. It is worth $30,000 today.

European Championship Trophy

Union of European Football Association awarded it first in 1960 to the winner of football championships. It is made from sterling silver and worth of $15,000.

NBA Trophy

It is a Basketball Trophy first introduced in 1947 and known as Walter A. Brown trophy. Later on, in 1984, it is known as NBA (National Basketball Association) trophy and worth of $13,500 today.

Wimbledon Trophy

It is a highly prestigious grand slam tennis tournament trophy first awarded in 1877 and worth of $13,500. It is for both genders and played on grass courts.


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